Scwm Reference Manual

The Emacs of Window Managers

Greg J. Badros

Maciej Stachowiak

Table of Contents
1. Concepts
Creating themes
Event Contexts
Face Flags
Face Specification Flags
Focus Styles
Image Loaders
Input Hooks
Interactive specifications
Key Specifier
Menu Looks
Run-time command-line options
Shadow and Highlight Factors
Timer Hooks
Window Context
Window Style
X atoms
X Properties
2. Hooks
after-change-desk-hook (2 args)
after-new-window-hook (1 arg)
after-viewport-position-change-hook (4 args)
before-new-window-hook (1 arg)
before-place-new-window-hook (1 arg)
broadcast-config-hook (2 args)
broadcast-hook (9 args)
broadcast-mini-icon-hook (2 args)
broadcast-name-hook (5 args)
change-desk-hook (2 args)
client-message-hook (4 args)
deiconify-hook (2 args)
desk-size-change-hook (2 args)
edge-enter-hook (1 arg)
edge-leave-hook (1 arg)
edge-scroll-hook (thunk)
error-hook (1 arg)
iconify-hook (2 args)
image-not-found-hook (1 arg)
interactive-move-finish-hook (1 arg)
interactive-move-new-position-hook (3 args)
interactive-move-start-hook (1 arg)
interactive-resize-finish-hook (1 arg)
interactive-resize-new-size-hook (7 args)
interactive-resize-start-hook (3 args)
invalid-interaction-hook (thunk)
load-processing-hook (1 arg)
post-command-hook (2 args)
pre-command-hook (2 args)
scwm-test-hook-0 (thunk)
scwm-test-hook-1 (1 arg)
select-window-done-hook (1 arg)
select-window-enter-hook (1 arg)
select-window-leave-hook (1 arg)
shutdown-hook (1 arg)
startup-hook (thunk)
viewport-position-change-hook (4 args)
vv-recognition-hook (3 args)
window-close-hook (1 arg)
window-enter-hook (1 arg)
window-focus-change-hook (1 arg)
window-focus-lost-hook (1 arg)
window-fully-obscured-hook (2 args)
window-leave-hook (1 arg)
window-lower-hook (1 arg)
window-partially-obscured-hook (2 args)
window-property-change-hook (4 args)
window-raise-hook (1 arg)
window-unobscured-hook (2 args)
windows-restacked-hook (thunk)
X-ConfigureRequest-hook (6 args)
X-DestroyNotify-hook (1 arg)
X-MappingNotify-hook (thunk)
X-MapRequest-hook (1 arg)
X-PropertyNotify-hook (2 args)
X-root-PropertyNotify-hook (2 args)
X-SelectionNotify-hook (thunk)
X-UnmapNotify-hook (1 arg)
3. User variables
4. Procedure Synopses by Group
5. Procedures in Alphabetical Order
%x -- Return the number of pixels that is X percent of the display width.
%x- -- Return the pixel coordinate X percent of the width away from the right edge.
%x-permit-negative -- No documentation supplied.
%y -- Return the number of pixels that is Y percent of the display height.
%y- -- Return the pixel coordinate Y percent of the height away from the bottom edge.
%y-permit-negative -- No documentation supplied.
accumulate -- Repeatedly apply PROC to a current value and a member of L.
activate-ScwmBiff -- Turn on the ScwmBiff notification service.
add-boolean-both-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-boolean-hint-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-boolean-style-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-hook-once! -- Add PROC to HOOK only if it does not contain PROC already.
add-input-hook! -- Add an input hook to run PROC on input from PORT.
add-left-button -- Add a left button to the current decor.
add-motion-handler! -- Call PROC on XMotionEvents.
add-property-style-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-right-button -- Add a right button to the current decor.
add-timer-hook! -- Add a timer hook to call PROC once sometime after MSEC milliseconds.
add-window-both-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-window-hint-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-window-style-option -- No documentation supplied.
align-viewport -- Set the viewport position to the nearest multiple of the desk size.
and-map -- Apply PROC repeatedly, returning the first false value.
animate-windows -- Animate multiple windows.
animated-deiconify -- Deiconify WIN using a simple animation of a growing rectangle.
animated-deiconify-to-viewport -- Deiconify WIN with an animation to the same viewport position as it was iconified from.
animated-deiconify-to-vp-focus -- Deiconify WIN to the current viewport, and give it the focus.
animated-iconify -- Iconify WIN using a simple animation of a shrinking rectangle.
animated-move-to -- Move WIN to viewport coordinates X, Y with animation.
animated-move-to-center -- Move WIN to the center of the viewport and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-e -- Move WIN to the east edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-n -- Move WIN to the north edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-ne -- Move WIN to the northeast edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-nw -- Move WIN to the northwest edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-s -- Move WIN to the south edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-se -- Move WIN to the southeast edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-sw -- Move WIN to the southwest edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-w -- Move WIN to the west edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-window -- Move WIN to virtual coordinates X, Y with animation.
animated-resize-frame -- Resize the frame of WIN to size W, H (pixels) with animation.
animated-resize-window -- Resize the client area of WIN to size W, H (pixels) with animation.
animated-toggle-iconify -- Iconify WIN if not iconified, or de-iconify WIN if it is iconified.
animated-window-shade -- Cause WIN to become "window-shaded".
animated-window-unshade -- Reverse the effect of window-shade on WIN.
any-id->window -- Return the window object that contains the window with id WINDOW-ID.
append-fvwm2-module-config -- No documentation supplied.
append-hook! -- Add PROC to HOOK at the end of the list.
append-hook-once! -- Append PROC to HOOK only if it does not contain PROC already.
append-map -- Do the same thing as map, but collect results with append, not cons.
apply-fancy-resize-cursors -- Use the fancy resize cursors for WIN.
apply-style -- No documentation supplied.
apropos-internal-with-modules -- Return a list of accessible variable names and the modules they are defined in.
ask-string -- Ask for a string with PROMPT.
at-point-placement -- Return a procedure that places a window at the pointer position.
at-virtual-offset-placement -- Return a procedure that takes a window and places it at virtual offset X, Y.
at-vp-offset-placement -- Return a procedure that takes a window and places it at viewport offset X, Y.
auto-accept-dialog-placement -- Return a procedure that auto-accepts a dialog box window.
background-system -- Run CMD using /bin/sh -c CMD and return the exit status.
beep -- Ring the standard X bell.
bell -- Ring the X11 bell (just calls beep).
binary -- Return the integer that corresponds to string NUMBER as a binary value.
binary-read -- Reads LENGTH bytes of binary data from PORT and return it as a string.
binary-read-long -- Reads a binary representation of a C long and return as a scheme number.
binary-write -- Writes STR as binary data to PORT.
bind-four-modifier-key-events -- Bind PROC-PRESS and PROC-RELEASE to be invoked on a multi-modifier key event.
bind-key -- Bind the given KEY within the CONTEXTS to invoke PROC.
bind-keycode -- Bind the given KEYCODE within the CONTEXTS to invoke PROC.
bind-mouse -- Bind the given mouse BUTTON within the CONTEXTS to invoke PROC.
bind-three-modifier-key-events -- Bind PROC-PRESS and PROC-RELEASE to be invoked on a multi-modifier key event.
bind-two-modifier-key-events -- Bind PROC-PRESS and PROC-RELEASE to be invoked on a multi-modifier key event.
bind-wheel-mouse-prior-next -- No documentation supplied.
bool->string -- Return the string "false" if ARG is #f, "true" otherwise.
border-normal? -- Return #t if WIN has a normal border, #f if it has a plain border.
border-style -- Set the border style in the current decor.
button-item -- Create a button item for a ScwmButtons window.
button-style -- Set the button style for button number BUTTON in the current decor.
cached-program-exists? -- Return #t if PROGRAM-NAME is in the cache of programs that exist.
call-interactively -- Invoke THUNK interactively.
call-with-decor -- Eval THUNK using DECOR as the current decor.
canonicalize-nonant -- Return a number from 0-8 given any reasonable representation for NONANT.
capturing? -- Returns #t when the windows are being captured.
cascade -- Cascade the windows on the specified desk.
cascade-windows -- Cascade WINDOWS according to several parameters.
cascade-windows-interactively -- Cascade a set of selected windows.
caught-error -- No documentation supplied.
cgi-escapify-space -- Replace spaces in URI with the + escape code.
change-ui-constraints-buttons -- No documentation supplied.
char-value -- Return the integer that corresponds to the Ascii code for CH.
choices-from-favorites -- No documentation supplied.
chop-newline -- Return STR up to but not including the first newline character.
chop-string -- No documentation supplied.
circulate-hit -- Include WIN among the windows in the circulate list.
circulate-hit-icon -- Include WIN's icon among the windows in the circulate list.
circulate-skip -- Do not include WIN among the windows in the circulate list.
circulate-skip-icon -- Do not include WIN's icon among the windows in the circulate list.
circulate-skip-icon? -- Return #t if WIN's icon is not among the windows in the circulate list.
circulate-skip? -- Return #t if WIN is not among the windows in the circulate list.
cl-set-solver-var -- Set solver S's variable CLV to value VALUE.
class-match?? -- Return a predicate that tests a window's resource class.
clear-color-cache-entry -- Colors are cached by name.
clear-font-cache-entry -- Fonts are cached by name.
clear-fvwm2-module-config -- No documentation supplied.
clear-image-cache-entry -- Images are cached by both name and full pathname.
clear-window-style -- No documentation supplied.
clever-place-window -- Places WIN using fvwm2's "ReallySmart" algorithm.
click-delay -- Returns the delay used in identifying mouse clicks and drags, in milliseconds.
click-to-focus-passes-click? -- Returns #t iff a click-to-focus window is sent the click, else #f.
click-to-focus-raises? -- Returns #t iff a click-to-focus window gets raised on focus, else #f.
client-hostname-match?? -- Return a predicate that tests a window's client hostname.
clist-find -- Return the row number of the first row in CLIST that PRED answers #t for.
clist-set-row-text -- Set the text of ROW of CLIST to COLS.
clone-resized-image -- Makes a new image from IMAGE of the given WIDTH and HEIGHT.
clone-scaled-image -- Returns a copy of IMAGE scaled to have dimensions WIDTH by HEIGHT.
close-all-xlogo-windows -- Close each window with class == XLogo.
close-ScwmBiff -- Close the ScwmBiff notification window.
close-ScwmButtons -- Close the ScwmButtons window of SB.
close-ScwmClock -- Close the ScwmClock with handle SC.
close-ScwmDeskButtons -- Close a ScwmDeskButtons object that was returned from run-ScwmDeskButtons.
close-ui-constraints-buttons -- No documentation supplied.
close-window -- Close WIN either by deleting it or destroying it.
close-window-and-pop-focus -- Close WIN and pop the focus with pop-focus-window.
cncat -- No documentation supplied.
color->string -- Convert scwm color object COLOR into an X11 name of that color.
color-properties -- Return an association list giving some properties of COLOR.
color-property -- Return the KEY property of COLOR.
color? -- Returns #t if OBJ is a color object, otherwise #f.
colormap-focus -- Return the colormap focus policy, as set by set-colormap-focus!.
config-request-animate -- A procedure for X-ConfigureRequest-hook to do window configuration animatedly.
constrained-window-in-focus? -- Returns #t if one of the windows in the constraint is in focus.
constraint-satisfied? -- Returns the status of whether a UI-CONSTRAINT is satisfied.
containing-aligned-viewport -- Compute the viewport-position of the viewport that contains POS.
context->brief-context -- No documentation supplied.
context->string -- No documentation supplied.
copy-menu-look -- Copy menu look ORIGINAL-MENU-LOOK with a new NAME and optional EXTRA.
copy-window-configuration -- Apply a saved state CONFIGURATION to window WIN.
copy-window-title-to-cut-buffer -- Set X cut buffer to be a string that is the title of WINDOW.
corba-evaluator-ior -- Returns the "IOR" string for the scwm-scheme-evaluator servant.
create-menu-win -- No documentation supplied.
create-pixmap-cursor -- Create and return a new cursor object from the pixmap image.
current-decor -- Return the current decor.
current-desk -- Returns the integer identifying the current desk.
current-viewport-offset-xx -- Return the current viewport horizontal offset as a multiple of the display width.
current-viewport-offset-yy -- Return the current viewport vertical offset as a multiple of the display height.
deactivate-ScwmBiff -- Make ScwmBiff no longer notify, but leave visible.
debug-clist-select -- No documentation supplied.
decrement-in-range -- Return v-1 but no less than low.
decrement-undo-index -- Decrement the undo-index.
default-decor -- Return the default decor.
default-move-opaquely? -- Return #t if WIN has area <= *opaque-move-percent* of the screen, else #f.
default-resize-opaquely? -- Return #t if WIN has area <= *opaque-resize-percent* of the screen, else #f.
define-scwm-group-proc -- Helper procedure for define-scwm-group-- use that instead.
define-scwm-option-proc -- Helper procedure for define-scwm-option.
deiconify-group -- Deiconify all members of GROUP.
deiconify-group-or-window -- Deiconify WIN, and perhaps all members of its group.
deiconify-to-current-viewport -- De-iconify WIN and make it visible in the current viewport.
deiconify-window -- Deiconify WIN.
delete-all-constraints -- Delete all constraints in the global instance list.
delete-duplicates -- Return a list that has the elements of L with duplicates omitted.
delete-inferred-ui-constraints-involving-window! -- Delete all the ui-constraint objects that involve WIN.
delete-multiple-windows-interactively -- Delete multiple windows as they are interactively clicked on.
delete-ui-constraint! -- Removes the UI-CONSTRAINT permanently.
delete-ui-constraint-class! -- Removes UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS from the global class list.
delete-ui-constraints-involving-window! -- Delete all the ui-constraint objects that involve WIN.
delete-window -- Request that WIN remove itself from the display.
delta-position -- Return a new coordinate list that is DX,DY offset from XY-LIST.
describe-event -- Display a message giving the bindings of the next event, key or mouse.
describe-key -- Display a message giving the bindings of the next key event.
describe-mouse -- Display a message giving the bindings of the next mouse event.
desk-background -- Set the background to use on desk DESK.
desk-size -- Returns the size of the current desk.
destroy-window -- Forcibly remove WIN from the screen.
dir-focus -- Move focus to the closest window in direction DIR.
dir-focus-east -- Switch focus to the window to the east.
dir-focus-north -- Switch focus to the window to the north.
dir-focus-south -- Switch focus to the window to the south.
dir-focus-west -- Switch focus to the window to the west.
disable-all-constraints -- Disable all constraints in the global instance list.
disable-auto-unobscure -- No documentation supplied.
disable-autosave-netscape-dialog -- Disable the netscape autosaving "Save as.
disable-gnome-hints -- Disable support for GNOME hints.
disable-timed-autoshrink-windows -- Turn off auto-shrinking window behaviour.
disable-ui-constraint -- Disables the constraint in the constraint solver
display-message-briefly -- Display MSG in the message window for SEC-TIMEOUT seconds.
display-size -- Returns the size of the physical screen in pixels.
documentation -- Print the documentation for the string or symbol.
done-startup? -- Return #t iff Scwm is fully initialized, else #f.
draw-all-constraints -- Draw all constraints in the global instance list.
draw-constraint -- Draw the UI-CONSTRAINT.
draw-constraints-of-window -- Draw all constraints associated with WIN.
draw-overlay-plane -- Draw a box in the overlay plane.
draw-pager -- No documentation supplied.
dummy-prompt-hbox -- Create and return a dummy-prompting hbox and entry.
easyraise-window-is-hidden? -- No documentation supplied.
easyraise-window? -- 
edge-move-threshold -- Return the edge move threshold as set by set-edge-move-threshold!.
edge-scroll-delay -- Return the edge scroll delay (in ms) as set by set-edge-scroll-delay!.
edge-x-scroll -- Return the horizontal edge scroll increment as set by set-edge-x-scroll!.
edge-x-wrap -- Return the current horizonatal edge wrap setting as set by set-edge-x-wrap!.
edge-y-scroll -- Return the vertical edge scroll increment as set by set-edge-y-scroll!.
edge-y-wrap -- Return the current vertical edge wrap setting as set by set-edge-y-wrap!.
edges->nonant -- Return a nonant number from a list of edges that are involved.
elapsed-time -- Return the elapsed time in milliseconds since O.
enable-all-constraints -- Enable all constraints in the global instance list.
enable-auto-unobscure -- No documentation supplied.
enable-autosave-netscape-dialog -- Enable the netscape autosaving "Save as.
enable-dynamic-netscape-actions -- Enable the netscape download-closed action.
enable-gnome-hints -- Enable support for GNOME hints.
enable-image-path-suggestor -- Turn on the image path suggestor.
enable-timed-autoshrink-windows -- Turn on auto-shrinking window behaviour.
enable-ui-constraint -- Enables the constraint in the constraint solver.
enclosing-rectangle -- Return the smallest rectangle that encloses the windows WINS.
end-constraints -- Terminate using the constraint solver.
end-highlighting-current-window -- Remove the hook procedures that make the window with mouse be highlighted.
end-highlighting-selected-window -- Stop highlighting the current window during window selections.
esd-reconnect -- Connect to the ESound daemon on the machine named HOST.
eval-after-load -- Run PROC after MODULE is loaded.
eval-expression-interactively -- Prompt for an expression and evaluate it interactively.
eval-fvwm-command -- Evaluate an fvwm2 command.
exe -- Return a procedure that, when invoked, executes COMMAND in the background.
exe-on-selection -- Return a procedure that runs COMMAND in the background on the X selection.
execute -- Execute COMMAND in the background.
execute-on-selection -- Run COMMAND in the background, with arguments supplied by the X selection.
execute-with-pidprop -- Execute COMMAND in the background and permit use of window-pid on its windows.
extreme -- Find extreme value e of PRED in LST.
filename-is-complete? -- Return true if FNAME is a fully qualified pathname.
filter -- Return a list of those elements of L for which PRED is true.
filter-list -- Like list, but ignore #f and unspecified values.
filter-map -- Process FIRST and the lists comprising REST as map would.
filter-only-except -- Return a filtered list of the elements from L.
find-file-in-path -- Search for file named FNAME in PATH.
find-window-by -- Return a window satisfying predicate PRED.
find-window-by-class-resource -- Return a window by its CLASS and RESOURCE names (as strings).
find-window-by-name -- Return a window with name WINDOW-NAME.
first-line-output-of-system-cmd -- Return the first line of output of command shell execution of CMD.
flash-selected-windows-on -- Make sure that the selected windows are marked as selected.
flash-window -- Flash WIN's titlebar and boundary color to COLOR for UNFLASH-DELAY seconds.
flash-window-on -- Flash WIN's titlebar and boundary color to COLOR indefinitely.
flatten -- Return LIST-OF-LISTS as a single flat list.
float->integer -- No documentation supplied.
focus-change-warp-pointer -- Deiconify, focus, raise, and warp-to WIN.
focus-last-mapped-window -- Focus and warp to the window that was mapped most recently.
focus-or-toggle-raise -- Focus on WIN if it does not have the focus, else toggle-raise WIN.
focus-stack-empty? -- Return #t iff the focus-stack is empty, else #f.
focus-to-register -- Save the currently-focused window to REGISTER.
focus-window -- Give WIN the keyboard input focus.
focus-window-with-pointer -- Set the focus to be the window containing the pointer.
focussable-window? -- Return #t iff WIN may receive the keyboard focus.
fold-menu-list -- Split ML into chained menus of no more than MAX-LINES items.
fold-menu-list-by-group -- Split ML-CONS into chained menus based on their group.
font-properties -- Return an association list giving some properties of FONT.
font-property -- Return the KEY property of FONT.
font? -- Returns #t if OBJ is a font object, otherwise #f.
for-all? -- Return true if PRED is true for all elements of L, otherwise false.
for-each-column -- No documentation supplied.
force-reset-window-frame! -- This redraws the window frame and decorations of WIN.
force-segv-for-testing -- Cause a segmentation violation.
frame-id->window -- Return the window object corresponding to a frame WINDOW-ID.
fvwm-exec -- Run COMMAND as fvwm would.
fvwm-exec-use-shell -- Use SHELL when emulating fvwm "EXEC" commands.
fvwm-nop -- No documentation supplied.
fvwm-pipe-read -- No documentation supplied.
fvwm2-pager-window -- Return a fvwm2 pager window, or #f if there is none.
gdk-draw-arc! -- Draw an arc on the root window.
gdk-draw-line! -- Draw a line on the root window.
gdk-draw-rectangle! -- Draw a rectangle on the root window.
gdk-drawing-get-drawable -- Returns the drawable object used to draw on the root window.
gdk-drawing-get-gc -- Returns the gc used to draw on the root window.
gdk-drawing-initialize -- Setup the draw functions for drawing onto the root window.
gdk-drawing-initialized? -- Returns whether or not the module has been initialized.
gdk-drawing-set-line-width! -- Set the width of the line to draw with.
get-fvwm2-module-config -- No documentation supplied.
get-input-hooks-list -- Return the input-hooks list.
get-key-event -- Return a represention of the next key event.
get-mouse-event -- Return a represention of the next mouse event.
get-next-event -- Return a represention of the next key or mouse event.
get-proplist-with-description -- Return a property list by parsing DESC in GNUstep proplist format.
get-proplist-with-path -- Return the proplist from path FILENAME.
get-register -- Return contents of Scwm register named REGISTER, or #f if none.
get-register-alist -- Return the register-alist.
get-register-name -- Prompt for a register name and return a corresponding symbol.
get-timer-hooks-list -- Return the timer-hooks list.
get-ui-constraint-class-by-name -- No documentation supplied.
get-window -- Retrieve the window context or select interactively.
get-window-colors -- Return a two-element list, '(fg bg), the colors for WIN.
get-window-highlight-colors -- Return a two-element list, '(fg bg), the highlight colors for WIN.
get-window-nonant -- SELECT-LIST is a list of (win x y), returns the nonant selected.
get-window-with-nonant -- Select a WINDOW and a NONANT, defaulting to the current window context.
get-window-with-nonant-interactively -- Interactively select a window and a nonant.
get-wm-command -- Get the "WM_COMMAND" X-Property of WIN and return that string.
get-x-cursor -- Return the cursor object corresponding to NAME-OR-NUMBER.
global-window-configuration -- Return an object abstracting all of the current windows' states.
global-window-configuration-to-register -- Save the global configuration of windows to REGISTER.
gnome-desktop-click -- Send a button-press N to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-click-1 -- Send a button-press 1 and button-release 1 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-click-2 -- Send a button-press 1 and button-release 2 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-click-3 -- Send a button-press 1 and button-release 3 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-menu -- Pop-up the gnome desktop menu.
gnome-desktop-press -- Send a button-press N to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-press-1 -- Send a button-press 1 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-press-2 -- Send a button-press 1 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-press-3 -- Send a button-press 1 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-install-window-styles -- Initialize various window styles for GNOME support.
gravity->alignments -- Return a list of two numeric alignments corresponding to a GRAVITY.
gravity->string -- Returns a string representation of the numerical GRAVITY.
group->windows -- Returns a list of windows belonging to GROUP.
group-window -- Returns a distinguished window of GROUP.
gtk-about -- No documentation supplied.
gtk-about-scwm -- No documentation supplied.
gtk-clist-get-row-values -- Return a list of the COL columns of row ROW of CLIST.
gtk-message -- It display a message on the display, using a gtk window
gtk-pixmap-new-search-scwm-path -- Return the new pixmap object as gtk-pixmap-new does, but search Scwm's image-load-path for it.
gtk-proc-selection-cancel-button -- Returns the cancel button from PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-proc-selection-clist-widget -- Returns the clist widgetfrom PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-proc-selection-get-procedure -- Returns the currently selected procedure from PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-proc-selection-get-procname -- Returns the currently selected procedure name from PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-proc-selection-new -- Returns a new procedure-selecting dialog box.
gtk-proc-selection-ok-button -- Returns the ok button from PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-proc-selection-toplevel-widget -- Returns the toplevel window widget from PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-register-info -- Display a table containing Scwm registers and their contents.
gtk-scrolled-window-set-hadjustment-value -- Set the hadjustment for SW, a scrolled window, to FLOAT.
gtk-scrolled-window-set-vadjustment-value -- Set the vadjustment for SW, a scrolled window, to FLOAT.
gtk-table-from-string -- No documentation supplied.
gtk-text-replace -- Replace all the text in TEXTWIDGET with TEXT.
gtk-window->scwm-window -- Return the Scwm window object corresponding to GTKWIN.
gui-set -- No documentation supplied.
half -- Return the closest integer to half of X.
handle-pending-events -- Handle all pending Scwm events, returns number of dispatched events.
has-overlay-plane? -- Return #t if the current screen has an overlay plane, #f otherwise.
help -- Print all possible documentation for string or symbol.
help-mesg -- No documentation supplied.
hex -- Return the integer that corresponds to string NUMBER as a hexadecimal value.
hide-overlay-plane -- Draw a box in the overlay plane.
hide-pager -- No documentation supplied.
hide-selected-nonants -- Hide nonant markers on window when they are selected.
hide-side-decorations -- Do not display the sidebar decorations for WIN.
hide-titlebar -- Cause WIN not to be decorated with a titlebar.
hide-titlebar-in-place -- Turn off display of the titlebar for WIN without moving the client window.
highlight-background -- Return the default background color for windows with the input focus.
highlight-current-window -- No documentation supplied.
highlight-factor -- Return the current highlight factor.
highlight-foreground -- Return the default foreground color for windows with the input focus.
hook-documentation -- Return the docstring for HOOK.
icon-font -- Return the font used for drawing icon titles.
icon-position -- Return the position of the icon for WIN.
icon-size -- Return the size of the icon for WIN.
icon-sticky? -- Return #t if WIN is "sticky", #f otherwise.
icon-title-match?? -- Return a predicate that tests a window's icon title.
icon-viewport-position -- Return the position of WIN's icon in pixels within the viewport.
iconified-window? -- Return #t if WIN is iconified, otherwise return #f.
iconify-group -- Iconify GROUP into one icon.
iconify-window -- Iconify WIN.
id->message-window -- Return the message-window of an X/11 window id (a long integer).
id->window -- Return the window object corresponding to an application WINDOW-ID.
ignore-dubious-modifiers? -- Return the status of the ignore-dubious-modifiers flag.
image->gtk-pixmap -- Return a gtk-pixmap widget for IMG for use in BUTTON.
image-name->cursor -- Make a cursor given only the NAME.
image-not-found-message -- Report a missing image filename, but do not error.
image-properties -- Return an association list giving some properties of IMAGE.
image-property -- Return the KEY property of IMAGE.
image-short-name -- Return the short name of IMAGE.
image-size -- Return the size of IMAGE as a list (width height).
image? -- Returns #t if OBJ is an image object, otherwise #f.
ImageMagick-loader -- Tries to load an arbitrary image using ImageMagick's convert.
in-viewport-any-desk? -- Return #t if WIN is in the current viewport ignoring the desk, else #f.
in-viewport-placement -- Return a procedure that takes a window and places it in viewport (XX, YY).
increment-in-range -- Return v+1 but no more than high.
increment-undo-index -- Increment the undo-index.
initial-place-window -- Pick a desk for WIN and return #t iff WIN should be placed.
initialize-pager -- Initialize the pager.
initialize-programs-that-exist -- Initializes the cache with programs that exist in the current $PATH.
initialize-ui-constraints-buttons -- No documentation supplied.
insert-undo-global -- Insert the global state into the undo list at undo-index.
insert-undo-state -- Insert STATE into the undo list at undo-index.
install-visibility-reporter -- Install procedures to print debugging messages on window visibility change events.
interactive-move -- Move WINDOW interactively and possibly opaquely.
interactive-move-group -- Move GROUP interactively.
interactive-move-rubberband -- Move interactively, using the rubberband (unless constraint solver is active.
interactive-move-selected-group-or-window -- Interactively move either the selected windows or the current window.
interactive-move-window-with-focus -- Interactively move the window which currently has the focus.
interactive-move-window-with-pointer -- Interactively move the window which currently contains the pointer.
interactive-place-window -- Interactively place WIN.
interactive-placement -- Return a procedure that takes a window and places it interactively.
interactive-procedure-apropos -- Returns a list of interactive procedures that match RGX.
interactive-procedure-apropos-with-modules -- Returns a list of procedures that match RGX and that can take no arguments.
interactive-resize -- Resize WINDOW interactively and possibly opaquely.
interactive-resize-rubberband -- Resize interactively, using the rubberband (unless constraint solver is active.
interactive-resize-window-with-focus -- Interactively resize the window which currently has the focus.
interactive-resize-window-with-pointer -- Interactively resize the window which currently contains the pointer.
interactive-set-window-gravity! -- Permit user to click on an area of a window and anchor that nonant.
interpret-as-procedure -- Return a procedure given its value, its symbol, or its name.
intersection-area -- Returns the size of the intersection of two rectangles.
invert-nonant -- Return the opposite nonant from NONANT.
iota -- Generate a list of the integers from 0 to N-1 in order.
is-mouse-event? -- Return #t iff EVENT is a mouse event.
jump-to-register -- Restore the state saved in REGISTER.
keep-above -- Keep W1 wholly above W2.
keep-adjacent-horizontal -- Keep W1's right edge aligned with W2's left edge.
keep-adjacent-vertical -- Keep W1's bottom edge aligned with W2's top edge.
keep-at-left-edge -- Keep W's left edge at the left edge of the desktop.
keep-at-right-edge -- Keep W's right edge at the right edge of the desktop.
keep-at-top-edge -- Keep W's top edge at the top edge of the desktop.
keep-bottoms-even -- Keep W1 and W2 aligned at the bottom.
keep-constant-size -- Keep W's size from changing.
keep-constant-width -- Keep W's width at WIDTH.
keep-full-height -- Keep W1 and W2 sum of heights equal to the display's height.
keep-full-width -- Keep W1 and W2 sum of widths equal to the display's width.
keep-left-at-v -- Keep W1's left at cl-variable V's pixel value.
keep-lefts-even -- Keep W1 and W2 aligned at the left.
keep-on-top -- Ensure that WIN is kept on top of all other windows.
keep-right-at-v -- Keep W1's right at cl-variable Vs pixel value.
keep-rights-even -- Keep W1 and W2 aligned at the right.
keep-to-left-of -- Keep W1 to the left of W2.
keep-top-at-v -- Keep W1's top at cl-variable V's pixel value.
keep-tops-even -- Keep W1 and W2 aligned at the top.
kept-on-top? -- Return #t if WIN is an on-top window, #f otherwise.
key-mouse-moves -- Bind four keys to move the mouse in compass directions by PCT-OF-SCREEN.
key-viewport-moves -- Bind four keys to move the viewport in compass directions by PCT-OF-SCREEN.
keycode->keysym -- Return a string containing the X11 keysym for key with code KEYCODE.
keymask->string -- Return a string representing KEYMASK.
keymask-keycode->string -- Return a string representing the key press with mask KEYMASK, code KEYCODE.
keysym->keycode -- Returns a list of X/11 keycodes that generate the keysym, KEYSYM-NAME.
kill-all-fvwm2-modules -- No documentation supplied.
kill-fvwm2-module -- No documentation supplied.
kill-fvwm2-modules-by-name -- No documentation supplied.
kill-pager -- No documentation supplied.
kwm-emulation-initialize -- No documentation supplied.
kwm-emulation-reset -- No documentation supplied.
kwm-send-window-list -- No documentation supplied.
last-mapped-window -- Return the window that was mapped most recently.
list-all-windows -- Return a list of all of the top-level window objects.
list-easyraise-windows -- No documentation supplied.
list-focus-order -- Return a list of all the top-level window objects in focus order.
list-index -- Return the integer position of OBJ in list L.
list-non-overlapping-windows -- Return a list of windows that do not overlap WIN.
list-of-windows? -- No documentation supplied.
list-overlapping-windows -- Return a list of windows that overlap WIN.
list-stacking-order -- Return a list of all non-iconified the top-level window objects, from top to bottom.
list-windows -- Return the list of windows matching ONLY and not matching EXCEPT.
list-windows-above -- List the windows above w from bottom to top.
list-windows-below -- List the windows below w from top to bottom.
list-without-elem -- Return the list L with element E deleted.
listify-if-atom -- Make L into a list if it is not.
load-cached-theme -- No documentation supplied.
load-imlib-image -- Load an image file using imlib identified by the pathname FULL-PATH.
load-preferences -- Load FILENAME to restore the Scwm preferences.
load-theme -- Returns a theme FNAME which is loaded from `*theme-path*'.
load-theme-image -- No documentation supplied.
load-xbm -- Load an X Bitmap file identified by the pathname FULL-PATH.
load-xpm -- Load an X Pixmap file identified by the pathname FULL-PATH.
logo-remove -- Remove the Scwm lambda startup logo.
logo-setup -- Setup to display the startup logo.
lookup-key -- Return the procedures bound to KEY within the CONTEXTS.
lookup-mouse -- Return the procedure bound to mouse BUTTON within the CONTEXTS.
lookup-procedure-bindings -- Return any bindings that invoke PROC in context CONTEXT.
lower-by-one -- Lower window W below the next window down that overlaps it.
lower-easyraise-windows -- 
lower-fvwm2-pager -- Lower a fvwm2 pager window in the stacking order.
lower-group -- Raise members of GROUP above all other windows.
lower-window -- Lower WIN to the bottom of the window stack.
lower-window-below -- Restack window W immediately below W2.
make-all-submenus -- No documentation supplied.
make-color -- Return the color object corresponding to the X color specifier CNAME.
make-conditional-style -- No documentation supplied.
make-context-menu -- Create a menu of actions applicable to the filename in the X selection.
make-debianapps-menu -- Read menu-file and return a menu object.
make-decor -- Create a new decor object.
make-face -- Create a new face.
make-file-menu -- Return a menu-object for viewing or editing FILE.
make-font -- Return the font object for the X font specifier FNAME.
make-hosts-menu -- Create a telnet menu.
make-image -- Loads an image from the file NAME.
make-image-or-warn -- Return an image object for FILENAME and report a warning if it fails.
make-keep-winclass-centered -- Return a procedure that keeps windows of CLASS centered in the viewport.
make-list -- Return a list containing N elements equal to the optional second argument.
make-menu -- Make and return a menu object from the given arguments.
make-menu-another-level -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-focus-options -- Create a menu of focus options for WIN.
make-menu-from-list-of-structured-directories -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-from-structured-directory -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-global-theme -- Return a menu that lets the user set the theme for all windows.
make-menu-gnome-system -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-gnome-user -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-kde -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-window-theme -- Return a menu that lets the user set the theme for a single window.
make-menuitem -- Return a newly created menuitem object using the given arguments.
make-menuitems-from-menu-information-list -- Return a list of menu-items from a list of detailed programs list.
make-message-window -- Returns a newly created message window object with string MESSAGE.
make-message-window-clone-default -- Return a new message window that has the default style.
make-message-window-win-copy -- Return a message window with a background that is a copy of the image in WIN.
make-message-window-with-image -- Return a new message window with IMG as a background, sized appropriately.
make-relief-color -- Convert a color into a new color appropriate for a relief.
make-reversed-color -- Return a new color that is opposite COLOR.
make-rhosts-menu -- Returns a menu which lets you rlogin to each host mentioned in your .
make-small-window-ops-menu -- Return a short menu of window operations for window W.
make-string-usable-for-resource-key -- Return a converted string from STRING that can be used as an X resource key.
make-style -- No documentation supplied.
make-theme -- Creates a theme object with the given NAME, WINDOW-STYLE, and BACKGROUND-STYLE.
make-toggling-winop -- Returns a procedure which takes a window WIN and toggles a property of it.
make-ui-constraint -- UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS specified the type of constraint to be created.
make-ui-constraint-class -- Creates a new ui-constraint-class object.
make-ui-constraint-interactively -- Uses the UI constructor of the constraint class to prompt the user to
make-window-group-menu -- Return a menu for window group operations.
make-window-list-menu -- Popup a window list menu and permit a selection to be made.
make-window-style-menu -- Offer a choice to style the window, like named windows, or a whole class.
make-wmconfig-menu -- Return a menu object for the window-manager configuration menu.
make-X-geometry -- No documentation supplied.
make-xlock-menu -- Create an xlock menu.
map-in-order -- Process FIRST and the lists comprising REST as map would.
marshal-fvwm2-config-info -- Constructs a fvwm2 BroadcastInfo module packet.
marshal-fvwm2-iconify-info -- Constructs a fvwm2 "M_ICONIFY" module packet.
mask->keycodes -- Return a list of keycodes corresponding to keys that generate the modifiers in MASK.
maximize -- Maximize WIN to new pixel width NW and new pixel height NH.
maximize-both -- Maximize WIN both horizontally and vertically.
maximize-horizontal -- Maximize WIN horizontally.
maximize-vertical -- Maximize WIN vertically.
maximized? -- Return #t if WIN is maximized, #f otherwise.
maybe-make-color -- Try to make OBJ into a color and return that color object.
menu -- Return a menu object with the given attributes.
menu-highlight-colors -- Return list text-color, bg-color, the highlight colors for MENU.
menu-highlight-factor -- Return the current menu highlight factor.
menu-highlight-relief? -- Return #t if MENU's selected item is relieved, #f otherwise.
menu-hotkeys-activate-item? -- Return #t if hotkeys invoke item, #f if they just select the item.
menu-hover-delay -- Return MENU's hover action delay.
menu-look? -- Return #t if OBJ is a menulook object, #f otherwise.
menu-max-fold-lines -- Return an approximation of the number of menuitems that will fit vertically on screen.
menu-popup-delay -- Return MENU's submenu popup delay.
menu-prefs -- Generate the Preferences menu.
menu-properties -- Returns the a list of the menu properties of MENU, a menu object.
menu-shadow-factor -- Return the current menu shadow factor.
menu-style -- Set various properites for the menus.
menu-title -- Return a menuitem object that is a title.
menu? -- Return #t if and only if OBJ is a menu object.
menuitem -- Return a menuitem object with the given attributes.
menuitem->scwm-gtk-menuitem -- No documentation supplied.
menuitem-colors -- Returns a list of the fg and bg colors for MENUITEM.
menuitem-font -- Returns the font of MENUITEM.
menuitem-properties -- Return a list of the properties of the given MENU-ITEM.
menuitem? -- Return #t if and only if OBJ is a menu item object.
message -- Display the string arguments STR in a message window.
message-window-colors -- Returns the colors that the message window MWN is displayed with.
message-window-copy-style! -- Copy the visual style of MSGWIN-SOURCE to the style for MSGWIN.
message-window-font -- Returns the font that the message window MWN uses for displaying text.
message-window-hide! -- Hide the message window MWN.
message-window-id -- Returns the X11 id of message window MWN.
message-window-image -- Returns the image that message window MWN displays.
message-window-message -- Returns the message that message window MWN displays.
message-window-options -- Allow specification of message-window behavior for standard actions.
message-window-position -- Returns the position that message window MWN is/will be displayed at.
message-window-relief? -- Returns the relief setting for the message window MWN.
message-window-set-colors! -- Set the fore- and background colors to be used for the message window MWN.
message-window-set-font! -- Set the font to be used for the message window MWN.
message-window-set-image! -- Changes the background image for the message window MWN to IMAGE.
message-window-set-message! -- Changes the message displayed by the message window MWN.
message-window-set-position! -- Set the position to be used for the message window MWN.
message-window-set-relief! -- Sets the relief for the window MWN.
message-window-set-size! -- Set the size of message window MWN to WIDTH pixels by HEIGHT pixels.
message-window-show! -- Displays the message window MWN on the screen.
message-window-size -- Returns the size of message window MWN in pixels.
message-window-style -- Set visual style of MSGWIN.
message-window-visible? -- Return #t if the message window MWN is visible, #f otherwise.
message-window? -- Returns #t if MWN is a msgwindow object, otherwise #f.
mod-desk-size! -- Modify the current desktop size by the given parameter.
mod-mask-alt -- Return the bit-mask for the Alt modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-control -- Return the bit-mask for the Control modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-hyper -- Return the bit-mask for the Hyper modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-meta -- Return the bit-mask for the Meta modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-numlock -- Return the bit-mask for the NumLock modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-scrolllock -- Return the bit-mask for the ScrollLock modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-shift -- Return the bit-mask for the Shift modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-super -- Return the bit-mask for the Super modifier key, or #f.
module-and-proc-names->proc -- Return the procedure named PROC-NAME from module named MODULE-NAME.
module-event-name-from-number -- Return the string module event name for event number NUM.
mouse-event-type -- Return a symbol corresponding to the type of the most recent mouse event.
mouse-focus-click-raises? -- Returns a boolean value indicating whether a mouse-focus-click will raise the window.
move-after-deleting-constraints -- Move WIN after deleting all constraints that involve it.
move-after-deleting-inferred-constraints -- Move WIN after deleting all inferred constraints that involve it.
move-group -- Move GROUP to virtual coordinates X, Y.
move-group-relative -- Move all members of GROUP by DX, DY pixels.
move-group-to-desk -- Move all members of GROUP to DESK.
move-inside-aligned-viewport -- Ensure that WIN is entirely inside the XX, YY viewport if possible.
move-inside-current-viewport -- Ensure that WIN is entirely inside the current viewport, if possible.
move-inside-own-viewport -- Ensure that WIN is entirely inside the closest viewport to its center.
move-inside-viewport -- Ensure that WIN is entirely inside the X, Y viewport if possible.
move-nonsticky-windows-relative -- Move all windows right X, down Y pixels.
move-pointer -- Move the X11 pointer X pixels to the right, and Y pixels down.
move-pointer-to -- Move the mouse pointer to viewport coordinates SX, SY.
move-to-viewport -- Move to the viewport numbered (XX,YY).
move-viewport -- Move the viewport onto the virtual desktop relatively.
move-window -- Move WIN to virtual coordinates X, Y.
move-window-relative -- Move WIN X, Y pixels from where it is currently.
move-window-to-desk -- Move WIN to DESK.
move-window-to-viewport -- Move WIN to the viewport numbered (XX,YY).
move-window-viewport-position -- Move WIN to viewport position X, Y.
msec->usec -- Convert MSEC milliseconds into an equivalent number of microseconds.
mwm-decorations->string -- Converts the MWM decoration flags into a readable form.
mwm-functions->string -- Converts the MWM function flags into a readable form.
near-window-placement -- Return a procedure that places a window near the window returned by WINDOW-GETTER.
nearest-aligned-viewport -- Compute the nearest valid integral viewport position to POS.
netpbm-loader -- Tries to load an arbitrary image using the netpbm packge.
netscape-application-menu -- No documentation supplied.
netscape-av-search -- Use Netscape to do an AltaVista search for WORD.
netscape-av-search-selection-url -- Use Netscape to do a AltaVista search of the selection, SELECTION.
netscape-bookmark-search -- Prompt for a string, and popup a list of matching netscape bookmarks.
netscape-download-closed-action -- Execute the closed action for WIN, a netscape download window.
netscape-google-search -- Use Netscape to do a google search for WORD.
netscape-google-search-cut-buffer -- Use Netscape to do a Google search of the X-cut-buffer-string.
netscape-google-search-selection-url -- Use Netscape to do a Google search of the selection, SELECTION.
netscape-goto-cut-buffer-url -- Goto the url that is held in the X11 cut buffer.
netscape-goto-selection-url -- Goto the url that is held in the X11 selection, SELECTION.
netscape-goto-url -- Make netscape go to the location URL.
netscape-metacrawler-search -- Use Netscape to do a Metacrawler search for WORD.
netscape-metacrawler-search-selection-url -- Use Netscape to do a Metacrawler search of the selection, SELECTION.
netscape-new-window -- No documentation supplied.
netscape-win -- Return a netscape window, prefer a visible netscape window.
netscape-window-not-focussed -- Return #t iff the currently focussed window is a netscape frame.
next-visible-non-iconified-window -- Switch focus to the next visible and not iconified window.
next-window -- Switch to the next matching window.
nonant->dirvector -- No documentation supplied.
nonant->gravity -- Return a gravity symbol given NONANT in [0,8].
nonant->string -- Return the brief string name for NONANT, an integer.
nonant-decoration -- Return the window id numbers of the decoration for WIN corresponding to NONANT.
nonant-highlight-color -- Return the color used for highlighting nonants.
normal-border -- Cause WIN to be decorated with a normal border.
not-focussed-for? -- No documentation supplied.
not-menu-background -- Return the default background color for icons, window frames, etc.
not-menu-foreground -- Return the default foreground color for icons, titlebars, etc.
null-place-window -- This is simplest, fallback placement procedure for windows.
number->hex-string -- A convenience wrapper around `number->string' that returns N in base-16.
number-in-base -- Return the integer that corresponds to string NUMBER in base BASE.
number-of-mouse-buttons -- Return the number of mouse buttons of the current mouse.
object-documentation -- Return documentation attached to SYM or to (eval SYM).
oct -- Return the integer that corresponds to string NUMBER as an octal value.
on-current-desk? -- Return #t if WIN is on the current desk.
on-desk-n? -- Returns a function which takes WIN and returns #t if WIN is on desk N, else #f.
on-desk-placement -- Return a procedure that takes a window and places it on DESK.
on-desk? -- Return #t if WIN is on desk N, else #f.
one-window-prompter -- No documentation supplied.
opaque-move -- Move WIN interactively, opaquely.
opaque-resize -- Resize WIN interactively, opaquely.
option-menu -- No documentation supplied.
option-widget-and-getter -- No documentation supplied.
or-map -- Apply PROC repeatedly, returning the first true value.
output-of-system-cmd -- Return the output of command shell execution of CMD.
pair-virtual->viewport -- Convert a pair point from virtual to viewport coordinates.
paste-window-title-from-cut-buffer -- Set the window title of WINDOW to be the string in the X cut buffer.
path-list->string-with-colons -- Convert L, a list of string directory names, to a single colon-separated string.
percent-visible -- Return the percent of WIN currently in the viewport as a real in [0,100].
pix->%x -- Return the percent of the display width that PIX is.
pix->%y -- Return the percent of the display height that PIX is.
place-at-center -- Place window in the center of the current viewport.
place-at-point -- Place WIN at the pointer position.
place-in-viewport -- Move WIN to the (XX, YY) viewport.
place-interactively -- Place WIN interactively.
place-nonant-marker -- Place a nonant marker on W.
place-on-default-desk -- Place WIN on a desk according to the default algorithm.
place-on-desk -- Move window WIN to desk DESK.
plain-border -- Cause WIN to be decorated with a plain border.
pointer-position -- Return the current position of the mouse pointer in pixels.
pop-focus-window -- Restore the focus to the window on the top of the focus-stack.
pop-window-configuration -- Restore the last configuration of WIN that was saved on its stack of previous configurations.
popup-docs-for -- No documentation supplied.
popup-menu -- Popup MENU, a menu object, and warp to the item WARP-TO-INDEX if it is a number.
popup-menu-from-decoration -- Popup MENU from WIN's decoration numbered BUTTON-NUMBER.
popup-option-menu -- No documentation supplied.
popup-register-winlist -- Popup a menu displaying all the windows that stored in registers.
popup-ui-constraints-toggle-menu -- Popup a menu that can be used to turn added constraints on and off.
popup-window-group-menu -- Popup the window group menu.
popup-window-group-menu-no-warp -- Popup the window group menu without warping to the first menu item.
position-message-window! -- Move the move/resize message window's GRAVITY point to (X,Y).
prev-visible-non-iconified-window -- Switch focus to the previous visible and not iconified window.
prev-window -- Circulate to the previous matching window.
printable-char->keysym-string -- Return the keysym string corresponding to a printable character.
proc-doc -- Return documentation for PROC.
procedure->bindings-description -- No documentation supplied.
procedure->string -- No documentation supplied.
procedure-apropos -- Returns a list of procedures that match RGX.
procedure-apropos-with-modules -- Returns a list of procedures that match RGX along with defined-in modules.
procedure-arity -- Return the arity values for PROC.
procedure-formals -- Return a list of the formal arguments for PROC.
procedure-interactive-spec -- No documentation supplied.
procedure-is-interactive? -- Return #t iff PROC is interactive.
procedure-keyword-formals -- Returns an a-list of the optargs keyword arguments and default values for PROC.
procedure-num-optional-args -- Return the number of optional arguments for PROC.
procedure-num-required-args -- Return the number of required arguments for PROC.
procedure-optargs-arglist -- Return a list of the optargs keyword arguments for PROC.
procedure-optional-formals -- Returns a list of the optional arguments for PROC.
procedure-required-formals -- Return a list of the required formal arguments for PROC.
procedure-string->procedure -- Return a procedure given its name.
procedure-takes-rest-arg? -- Return #t iff PROC take a rest argument.
process-use-scwm-modules -- Returns a list of all the modules loaded in successfully.
program-exists? -- Return #t iff PROGRAM-NAME is in the current $PATH or is a path to an executable.
prompt-binding -- No documentation supplied.
prompt-binding-vbox -- No documentation supplied.
prompt-bool -- Prompt with PROMPT for a boolean value, and call PROC with result if Ok button is clicked.
prompt-bool-hbox -- Create and return a boolean-prompting hbox and button.
prompt-color -- Prompt using PROMPT for a color and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-color-hbox -- Create and return a color-prompting hbox, complete with link to full color dialog.
prompt-enum -- Prompt with PROMPT for one of CHOICES, and call PROC with result.
prompt-enum-hbox -- Create and return an enum-prompting hbox and button.
prompt-file -- Prompt using PROMPT for a file and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-file-hbox -- Create and return a file-prompting hbox, complete with link to full file dialog.
prompt-font -- Prompt using PROMPT for a font and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-font-hbox -- Create and return a font-prompting hbox, complete with link to full font dialog.
prompt-from-symbol -- Return a string prompt that is appropriate for the option symbol SYM.
prompt-integer-range -- Prompt using PROMPT for an integer value in RANGE, and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-integer-range-hbox -- Create and return an integer-range-prompting hbox and scale, label.
prompt-path-hbox -- Create and return a path-prompting hbox and entry.
prompt-proc -- Prompt using PROMPT for a proc and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-proc-hbox -- Create and return a proc-prompting hbox, complete with link to full proc dialog.
prompt-range -- Prompt using PROMPT for a numeric value in RANGE, and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-range-hbox -- Create and return a range-prompting hbox and scale, label.
prompt-string -- Use PROMPT as prompt in text entry widget and call PROC with the entered string.
prompt-string-hbox -- Create and return a string-prompting hbox and entry.
prompting-shell -- Create a GTk+ shell window and return a procedure that closes it.
propagate-selection-to-cut-buffer -- Make the cut-buffer contain the current selection.
property-changed-debug -- Print debugging information about the property change of PROP on WIN.
property-changed-respond -- Handle various property changes of PROP on WIN.
proplist-append-array-element -- Return the PL-ARRAY after appending ITEM to the end.
proplist-deep-copy -- Return a deep copy of property list PL.
proplist-delete-domain -- Delete domain PL-DOMAIN-NAME.
proplist-get-all-dictionary-keys -- Return a proplist array object that contains all the keys of PL-DICT.
proplist-get-array-element -- Return the element at INDEX offset of PL.
proplist-get-container -- Return the array or dictionary of which PL is an element.
proplist-get-data -- Returns the raw data from PL (a data proplist object) as a string.
proplist-get-data-description -- Returns a description of PL (a data proplist object) in GNUstep format.
proplist-get-dictionary-entry -- Return the proplist dictionary entry associated with entry KEY in PL-DICT.
proplist-get-domain -- Return a property list represeting the domain PL-DOMAIN-NAME.
proplist-get-domainnames -- Return a array proplist containing all registered domain names.
proplist-get-filename -- Return the filename of PL.
proplist-get-number-of-elements -- Return the number of elements in PL.
proplist-get-string -- Returns the string from PL (a string proplist object).
proplist-get-string-description -- Retuns a description of PL (a string proplist object) in GNUstep format.
proplist-insert-array-element -- Return the PL-ARRAY after inserting ITEM at offset INDEX.
proplist-insert-dictionary-entry -- Return PL-DICT after inserting (KEY,VALUE) into it.
proplist-is-array -- Return #t iff PL is an array proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-is-compound -- Return #t iff PL is a dictionary or array proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-is-data -- Return #t iff PL is a data proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-is-dictionary -- Return #t iff PL is a dictionary proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-is-equal -- Return #t iff PLA is equal to PLB.
proplist-is-simple -- Return #t iff PL is a string or data proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-is-string -- Return #t iff PL is a string proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-make-array-from-elements -- Return a newly created array object populated with elements ITEMS.
proplist-make-data -- Return a proplist argument containing arbitrary data from DATA.
proplist-make-dictionary-from-entries -- Return a newly created dictionary object with elements ITEMS.
proplist-merge-dictionaries -- Return PL-DICT-DEST after merging in all entries from PL-DICT-SOURCE.
proplist-register -- Register thunk CALLBACK to be called when PL-DOMAIN-NAME changes.
proplist-remove-array-element -- Return PL-ARRAY after deleting the element at position INDEX.
proplist-remove-dictionary-entry -- Return PL-DICT after removing KEY and its corresponding value from it.
proplist-save -- Save PL, atomically if ATOMICALLY? is #t.
proplist-set-domain -- Set PL-DOMAIN-NAME to have VALUE.
proplist-set-filename! -- Set the filename for PL to be FILENAME.
proplist-set-string-cmp-hook -- Use PRED as a predicate for doing proplist string comparisons.
proplist-shallow-copy -- Return a shallow copy of property list PL.
proplist-synchronize -- Synchronize the in-memory proplist PL with the disk contents.
proplist-unregister -- No longer invoke callback when domain associated with PL-DOMAIN-NAME is changed.
publish-scwm-evaluator-servant -- Publish the scwm-evaluator-servant by putting its IOR as a property on the root window.
push-focus-window -- Save the current focus window on a stack.
push-undo-global -- Push the global state onto the undo list.
push-undo-state -- Push STATE onto the undo list.
push-window-configuration -- Save the configuration of WIN on its stack of previous configurations.
put-string-in-palm-clipboard -- No documentation supplied.
quote-key-event -- Quote the next key event and let it pass to the application.
quote-key-events? -- Return #t iff key events are being qutoed.
quote-mouse-event -- Quote the next mouse event and let it pass to the application.
quote-next-event -- Quote the next mouse or keyboard event and let it pass to the application.
quotify-single-quotes -- Return a string that has single quote characters backslashified.
raise-and-stop-flashing -- Turn off window flashing of WIN and raise it.
raise-by-one -- Raise window W above the next window up that overlaps it.
raise-easyraise-windows -- 
raise-fvwm2-pager -- Raise a fvwm2 pager window in the stacking order.
raise-group -- Raise members of GROUP above all other windows.
raise-window -- Raise WIN to the top of the window stack.
raise-window-above -- Restack window W immediately above W2.
raised? -- Return #t if WIN is currently raised, #f if not.
random-place-window -- Places WIN just as if being placed by fvwm2's RandomPlacement.
raw-binding->key-descriptor -- No documentation supplied.
raw-binding->string -- No documentation supplied.
re-place-window -- Reposition WIN by re-placing it using PROC.
read-and-append-to -- Read in the lines from port P and return them.
read-until-eof -- Return all the text from input port IN until eof.
really-draw-pager -- No documentation supplied.
recapture -- Recapture all the windows.
rectangle-overlap? -- Returns #t iff the two specified rectangles overlap.
redo -- Redo the last undone operation.
redo-all-passive-grabs -- Re-instate all passive grabs of keys and buttons of bindings.
redo-passive-grab -- Re-instate the passive grab of KEYCODE-OR-BUTNUM with MODMASK on all windows.
reduce -- Repeatedly apply PROC to a current value and a member of L.
refresh -- Make sure all windows and their decorations are up to date.
refresh-window -- Refresh the decorations on window WIN.
register-fvwm2-module-config -- No documentation supplied.
register-image-loader -- Register PROC as the loader to use for images ending in EXTENSION.
register-type-mapping -- No documentation supplied.
register-type-mapping-string -- No documentation supplied.
register-value-type -- No documentation supplied.
remove-input-hook! -- Remove an input hook identified by HANDLE.
remove-motion-handler! -- No longer call PROC on XMotionEvents.
remove-nonant-marker -- Remove a nonant marker from W.
remove-suffix -- Return STR with trailing SUFFIX removed if it exists.
remove-timer-hook! -- Remove a timer hook identified by HANDLE.
rename-window-interactively -- Prompt for a new name for WIN and change its title.
repeat -- Builds a list of repeating values.
replace-proxies-with-windows -- No documentation supplied.
report-scwm-usage -- Log your usage of scwm to a central host.
reset-background! -- Resets the root window to the default "weave".
reset-buttons! -- Resets button numbers.
reset-constraints -- Reset the constraint solving system.
reset-input-hook! -- Remove all procedures from the input hook.
reset-motion-handlers! -- Call no procedures on XMotionEvents.
reset-on-segv -- Return the number of segv signals Scwm will reset on.
reset-scwmexec-protocol -- Reset the scwmexec protocol.
reset-timer-hook! -- Remove all timer-hook procedures.
reset-ui-constraint-classes! -- Empty the global list of ui-constraint-classes.
reset-undo! -- Reset the undo system.
resize-frame -- Resize WIN to a size of W by H in pixels.
resize-fullscreen -- Resize the current window with the pointer to 90% of the full screen size.
resize-halfscreen -- Resize the current window with the pointer to full height and half the screen size in width.
resize-quarterscreen -- Resize the current window with the pointer to 1/4 of the screen.
resize-window -- Resize WIN's client area to a size of W by H in pixels.
resize-xdvi-full-page-100% -- Resize an Xdvi window to be full-page, 100%.
resource-match?? -- Return a predicate that tests a window's resource instance.
restack-windows -- Restack the windows in WINLIST from front to back.
restart -- Restart the window manager.
restarted? -- Returns true if scwm is being restarted by itself.
restore-global-window-configuration -- Restore the states of all windows from GLOBAL-CONFIGURATION.
restore-scwm-handlers -- Restore the scwm behavior for signals and for X errors.
restore-window-configuration -- Restore the state of WIN from GLOBAL-CONFIGURATION.
reverse-iota -- Generate a list of the integers from N-1 to 0 in order.
rgb-colors -- Read in the rgb-colors database.
round/ -- Return the closest integer to X divided by Y.
rubber-band-move -- Move WIN interactively, using a rubber band frame.
rubber-band-resize -- Resize WIN interactively, using a rubber band frame.
run-dot-xclients-at-startup -- After done reading your startup file, run your ~/.
run-dot-xclients-script -- Runs the ~/.
run-fvwm2-module -- No documentation supplied.
run-in-netscape -- Runs COMMAND in a Netscape window, calling COMPLETION when done, if set.
run-in-xterm -- Return a procedure that runs CMD in an xterm.
run-ScwmButtons -- Start a ScwmButtons window giving a simple toolbar button/action interface.
run-ScwmClock -- Start a ScwmClock window display.
run-ScwmDeskButtons -- Start a ScwmDeskButtons toolbar interface.
safe-load -- Load file FNAME while trapping and displaying errors.
save-preferences -- Save the current Scwm preferences to FILENAME.
save-settings -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-gdk-X-fdes -- Return the integer connection number of the gdk_display.
scwm-group-docstring -- Return the prettified name for group SYM.
scwm-group-icon -- Return the icon for group SYM.
scwm-group-name -- Return the prettified name for group SYM.
scwm-group-properties -- Return the group properties for group SYM.
scwm-gtk-menu -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-gtk-menu-title -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-gtk-menuitem -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-gtk-popup-menu -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-gtk-sync -- Dispatch all pending gtk-events.
scwm-is-constraint-enabled? -- Return #t if scwm has the constraint solver primitives, #f otherwise.
scwm-last-timestamp -- Return the timestamp of the last event Scwm handled.
scwm-module-loaded? -- Return #t iff MODULE has been loaded.
scwm-option-documentation -- Return the documentation for SYM.
scwm-option-favorites -- Return the favorites for SYM.
scwm-option-getter -- Return the getter for SYM.
scwm-option-group -- Return the group for SYM.
scwm-option-layout-hint -- Return the permit-disable flag for SYM.
scwm-option-module -- Return the module in which option SYM was defined.
scwm-option-name -- Return the name of SYM.
scwm-option-permit-disable -- Return the permit-disable flag for SYM.
scwm-option-range -- Return the range for SYM.
scwm-option-setter -- Return the setter for SYM.
scwm-option-short-documentation -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-option-symget -- Get option SYM's value.
scwm-option-symset! -- Set option SYM to VALUE.
scwm-option-type -- Return the type for SYM.
scwm-options-dialog -- Popup a scwm options dialog box.
scwm-options-listbook -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-options-menu -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-options-notebook -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-options-string -- Return a string that, when evalled, resets preferences to current values.
scwm-options-vbox-page -- Popup a scwm options dialog box.
scwm-path-exec-prefix -- Return the $EXEC_PREFIX directory path that scwm was installed with.
scwm-path-prefix -- Return the $PREFIX directory path that scwm was installed with.
scwm-quit -- Exit scwm cleanly.
scwm-run-test-hook-0 -- Invoke scwm-test-hook-0 COUNT times.
scwm-run-test-hook-1 -- Invoke scwm-test-hook-1 COUNT times with ARG as the single argument.
scwm-system -- Run CMD using /bin/sh -c CMD and return a list: (exit-status child-pid).
scwm-version -- Return the version of scwm running.
scwm-version-date -- Return the date that the running scwm was last changed as a string.
sec->msec -- Convert SEC seconds into an equivalent number of milliseconds.
sec->usec -- Convert SEC seconds into an equivalent number of microseconds.
select-matching-windows -- Select windows for which predicate PROC returns #t.
select-multiple-windows-interactively -- Return a list of user-selected windows, up to MAX.
select-viewport-position -- Select a viewport position and return the window there.
select-window -- Select a window interactively, and return the specified window.
select-window-add -- Select a single window, highlight it, and add it to the selected-windows-list.
select-window-from-window-list -- Permit selecting a window from a window list.
select-window-group -- Prompt for multiple windows and return the list of selected windows.
select-window-interactively -- Return an interactively-selected window after prompting (optionally) with MSG.
select-window-remove -- Unselect a single window, de-highlight it, and remove it from the selected-windows-list.
select-window-toggle -- Toggle the selectedness of W.
selected-windows-list -- Returns the list of windows selected by select-window-interactively-and-highlight.
selected-windows-to-register -- Save the current set of selected windows to REGISTER.
send-button -- Send a synthetic mouse button/release event.
send-button-1 -- Send a mouse-1 button press and release event.
send-button-2 -- Send a mouse-2 button press and release event.
send-button-3 -- Send a mouse-3 button press and release event.
send-client-message -- Send WIN the message "ATOM DATA".
send-key -- Send a synthetic press/release of KEY.
send-key-press-down -- Send a synthetic "Down" keypress.
send-key-press-next -- Send a synthetic "Next" keypress.
send-key-press-prior -- Send a synthetic "Prior" keypress.
send-key-press-up -- Send a synthetic "Up" keypress.
set-*-procedure-properties -- Add the ARGLIST and INTERACTIVE-SPEC properties to procedure PROC.
set-animation! -- Set the animation parameters to VECTOR.
set-auto-raise! -- Turn auto-raise on (#t) or off (#f) for WIN.
set-auto-raise-delay! -- Set the auto-raise delay to DELAY (in ms) for WIN.
set-auto-raise-focus-proc! -- Set the auto-raise-focus-proc for WIN.
set-auto-raise-unfocus-delay! -- Set the timeout to DELAY (in ms) for the unfocus-proc of WIN.
set-auto-raise-unfocus-proc! -- Set the auto-raise-unfocus-proc for WIN.
set-auto-unobscure! -- Turn auto-unobscure on (#t) or off (#f) for WIN.
set-auto-unobscure-proc! -- Set the auto-unobscure-proc for WIN.
set-background-color! -- Sets the color of the root window to COLOR.
set-background-image! -- Sets the background of the root window to be IMAGE.
set-border-face! -- Set the face for the border In the current decor.
set-border-width! -- Set the border width of WIN's border to WIDTH pixels.
set-button-face! -- Set the button faces for the various window states.
set-button-mwm-flag! -- Specify the Mwm flag for BUTTON.
set-click-delay! -- Set the delay used in identifying mouse clicks and drags.
set-click-to-focus-passes-click! -- Determine whether a click-to-focus window receives the click.
set-click-to-focus-raises! -- Determine whether a click to focus raises the clicked-on window.
set-colormap-focus! -- Set the colormap focus policy to FTYPE.
set-current-decor! -- Set the current decor to DECOR.
set-current-desk! -- Change the current desk to DESK.
set-decorate-transient! -- Set decoration of transients property on WIN.
set-default-menu-background! -- Set the default background for menus to BG.
set-default-menu-bg-image! -- Set the default menu background image to IMAGE.
set-default-menu-font! -- Set the default font for menu text to FONT.
set-default-menu-foreground! -- Set the default color for menu text to FG.
set-default-menu-hl-bg-color! -- Set the default menu highlight background color to BG.
set-default-menu-hl-fg-color! -- Set the default menu highlight foreground color to FG.
set-default-menu-look! -- Set the default menu look to LOOK.
set-default-menu-side-background! -- Set the default background for the menu side image to BG.
set-default-menu-side-image! -- Set the default menu side image to IMAGE.
set-default-menu-stipple! -- Set the default color for stippled (inactive) menu text to STIPPLE.
set-default-menu-title-font! -- Set the default font for menu title text to FONT.
set-desk-size! -- Sets the desk size to WIDTH, HEIGHT.
set-easyraise-window! -- 
set-edge-move-threshold! -- Set the edge move threshold to PIXELS.
set-edge-resistance! -- Set the edge scroll delay to S, and the edge move threshold to M.
set-edge-scroll! -- Set the edge scroll values to X and Y, respectively.
set-edge-scroll-delay! -- Set the edge scroll delay to MS milliseconds.
set-edge-wrap! -- Set the edge x and y wrap values to X and Y, respectively.
set-edge-x-scroll! -- Set the horizontal edge scroll increment to PIXELS.
set-edge-x-wrap! -- Set whether to wrap pointer around horizontal edges.
set-edge-y-scroll! -- Set the vertical edge scroll increment to PIXELS.
set-edge-y-wrap! -- Set whether to wrap pointer around vertical edges.
set-face-flag! -- Set the given FLAG to the given FLAGVAL for face FACE.
set-force-icon! -- Set the window-manager-overriding property for WIN to boolean FLAG.
set-handle-segv! -- If FLAG, tell Scwm to catch segv signals.
set-highlight-background! -- Use BG as the background color for a window with the input focus.
set-highlight-colors! -- Set the highlight window's background color to BG, foreground color to FG.
set-highlight-factor! -- Use FACTOR to generate highlight colors for the current decor.
set-highlight-foreground! -- Use FG for the foreground color of a window with the input focus.
set-hint-override! -- Set whether or not Mwm and Open Look function hints are used.
set-hover-focus! -- Turn hover-focus on (#t) or off (#f) for WIN.
set-hover-focus-delay! -- Set the hover-focus delay to DELAY (in ms) for WIN.
set-icon! -- Set the image to use for the icon of WIN to IMAGE.
set-icon-box! -- Set the icon box in which WIN's icon will be placed.
set-icon-font! -- Set the font used for drawing icon titles to FONT.
set-icon-title! -- Set the visibility of WIN's icon title according to FLAG.
set-ignore-dubious-modifiers! -- If FLAG is #t, ignore scoll/num/lock modifiers on all bindings made.
set-left-button-face! -- Set the button face for the left-button numbered BUTTON.
set-lenience! -- Set or reset the input focus lenience flag.
set-load-processing-frequency! -- Invoke hooks on load-processing-hook every NUM-LINES lines.
set-markwin-offset! -- No documentation supplied.
set-menu-background-picture! -- Use PICTURE as the background image for MENU.
set-menu-colors! -- Use TEXT-COLOR and BG-COLOR as the colors for MENU.
set-menu-extra-options! -- Set MENU's extra options to OPTIONS.
set-menu-font! -- Use FONT as the font for MENU.
set-menu-highlight-colors! -- Use TEXT-COLOR and BG-COLOR as the highlight colors for MENU.
set-menu-highlight-factor! -- Use FACTOR to generate highlight colors for menus.
set-menu-highlight-relief! -- If HIGHLIGHT-RELIEF? is #t, then draw a relief on selected items in MENU.
set-menu-hotkeys-activate-item! -- If ACTIVATE? is #t, let menu hotkeys invoke the item.
set-menu-hover-delay! -- Set MENU's hover delay to HOVER-DELAY.
set-menu-look! -- Use MENU-LOOK as the menu-look for MENU.
set-menu-popup-delay! -- Set MENU's submenu popup delay to POPUP-DELAY.
set-menu-shadow-factor! -- Use FACTOR to generate shadow colors for menus.
set-menu-side-picture! -- Use PICTURE as the side picture for MENU.
set-menu-title! -- Use MENU-TITLE as the title for MENU.
set-menuitem-colors! -- Sets the fg and bg colors of MENUITEM to FG and BG respectively.
set-menuitem-font! -- Sets the font of MENUITEM to FONT.
set-mini-icon! -- Set the image to use for the mini-icon of WIN to IMAGE.
set-mod-mask-numlock! -- Set the bit-mask for the NumLock modifier key.
set-mod-mask-scrolllock! -- Set the bit-mask for the ScrollLock modifier key.
set-mouse-focus-click-raises! -- Determine whether a mouse-focus-click will raise the window.
set-mwm-border! -- Set the mwm-border style flag of WIN to boolean FLAG.
set-mwm-buttons! -- Set the mwm-buttons flag of WIN to boolean FLAG.
set-mwm-decor-hint! -- Set whether or not Motif decoration hints are used for WIN.
set-mwm-func-hint! -- Set whether or not Motif function hints are used for WIN.
set-nonant-highlight-color! -- Use COLOR for highlighting nonants.
set-not-menu-background! -- Use BG as the default background color for icons, window frames, etc.
set-not-menu-foreground! -- Use FG as the default foreground color for icons, titlebars, etc.
set-OL-decor-hint! -- Determine whether or not to respect Open Look decoration hints.
set-PPosition-hint! -- Set or reset the program-specified position hint for WIN.
set-quote-key-events! -- Set key event quoting to QUOTING-ON?.
set-register -- Set contents of Scwm register named REGISTER to VALUE.
set-reset-on-segv! -- Reset Scwm to the main event loop on the next NUMBER-TO-RESET segv signals.
set-right-button-face! -- Set the button face for the right-button numbered BUTTON.
set-rubber-band-mask! -- Set the rubber band mask used when dragging or resizing.
set-selected-windows-list! -- Make LIST be the set of selected windows.
set-shadow-factor! -- Use FACTOR to generate shadow colors in the current decor.
set-show-icon! -- Set whether or not the icon of WIN will be visible.
set-skip-mapping! -- Set or reset whether scwm should not change desktops on a map.
set-start-on-desk! -- Make WIN start on DESK when first mapped.
set-title-face! -- Set the titlebar faces for the various window states.
set-title-font! -- Set the font for window titles In the current decor to FONT.
set-title-height! -- Set the height of the titlebar in pixels to HEIGHT.
set-title-justify! -- Set the justification for the title to JUST.
set-viewport-position! -- Position the upper left corner of the viewport at coordinates X, Y.
set-window-application-menu! -- Set the application menu for WIN to MENU.
set-window-background! -- Set the background color of WIN to BG.
set-window-button! -- Set the visibility of button number N on window WIN.
set-window-colors! -- Set WIN's background color to BG, foreground color to FG.
set-window-context! -- Set the current window context to WIN and return the old context.
set-window-cursor! -- Set the default cursor for WIN to CURSOR.
set-window-decor! -- Set WIN's decor to DECOR, updating its decorations appropriately.
set-window-focus! -- Set the focus style of WIN to SYM.
set-window-foreground! -- Set the foreground color of WIN to FG.
set-window-gravity! -- Sets the gravity for WIN to GRAVITY.
set-window-highlight-background! -- Set the highlighted background color of WIN to BG.
set-window-highlight-foreground! -- Set the highlighted foreground color of WIN to FG.
set-window-highlighted-nonant! -- Highlight NONANT for WIN.
set-window-id-background! -- Set the background color of X11 window with id WINID to BG.
set-window-placement-proc! -- Set the 'placement-proc property of WIN to PROC.
set-window-property! -- Set window property PROP of WIN to VAL.
set-window-title! -- Change the window title X-Property of WIN to TITLE.
set-window-transient-placement-proc! -- Like set-window-placement-proc!, but for transient windows.
set-X-server-synchronize! -- Set X server sychronization flag to FLAG.
shade-window -- Cause WIN to become "window-shaded".
shaded-window? -- Return #t if WIN is shaded.
shadow-factor -- Return the current shadow factor.
should-circulate-skip? -- Return #t if WIN should now be skipped when circulating, #f otherwise.
shove-window-prefix -- Display prompt to shove the current window to an edge or center.
show-com -- Return a lambda to show the stdout generated by the COM shell pipeline.
show-file -- Return a lambda to display the contents of filename in a window.
show-icon-list-menu -- Show a window list of only iconfied programs.
show-mesg -- Return a lambda to display the string arguments STR in a message window.
show-netscape-window-list-menu -- Show a window list of only Netscape windows.
show-pager -- No documentation supplied.
show-selected-nonants -- Show nonant markers on window when they are selected.
show-side-decorations -- Display the sidebar decorations for WIN.
show-system-info -- Display the system-info-string system details in a window.
show-titlebar -- Cause WIN to be decorated with a titlebar.
show-titlebar-in-place -- Turn on display of the titlebar for WIN without moving the client window.
show-window-list-matching-interactively -- Prompt for a wildcard, and popup a list of matching windows (by title).
show-window-list-menu -- Popup a window list menu.
show-X-properties -- Displays the X properties of WIN in a message window.
show-xterm-window-list-menu -- Show a window list of only xterms.
shrink-inactive-windows -- No documentation supplied.
shrink-window -- Shrink the window WIN to FRAC * its old size.
shutdown-options -- Configure shutdown preferences.
simple-prompt-proc-hbox -- Create and return a procedure-prompting hbox and entry.
simple-title-style -- Set the style for titlebars.
simplebiff -- Run a simple xbiff-like notification system.
size->string -- Convert a two-element list to a string.
sleep-ms -- Delay for MS milliseconds.
SM-error-message -- Return a string, describing why session management is not available.
SM-register -- Register Scwm with the session manager, and return the client id.
smart-place-window -- Places WIN using fvwm2's SmartPlacement algorithm.
snap-initialize -- Turn on auto-snapping during interactive moves.
snap-reset -- Turn off auto-snapping during interactive moves.
sort -- Returned LS sorted according to COMPARE (defaults to ascending numerical order).
sort-options-by-type -- No documentation supplied.
sort-windows-by-middle-pos -- Sort WINLIST (a list of windows) by their middle positioins.
sorted-by-car-string -- Sort the elements of list L based on the string value of their car.
sound-load -- Load sound from FILE, tagging it with NAME.
sound-play -- Play SOUND.
sound-unload -- Unload SOUND, freeing any resources it occupies.
split-list-by-group -- Split the a-list LS into groups according to the car of each of its cells.
standard-place-window -- Do an ordinary placement of a window.
start-animating-scwm-resolves -- Turn on animating windows to new positions following re-solves.
start-constraint-investigator -- Start the GTk+-based constraint investigator window.
start-constraints -- Start using the constraint solver.
start-handling-gtk-events -- No documentation supplied.
start-highlighting-current-window -- Add appropriate hook procedures to make the window with the mouse be highlighted.
start-highlighting-selected-window -- Highlight the current window during window selections.
start-program-in-xterm -- Return a string to be the arguments to xterm for starting PROGRAM in it.
start-property-respond -- Turn on property-change responses.
start-ui-constraints-buttons -- No documentation supplied.
start-xlogo -- Start an XLogo window.
start-xterm -- Start an xterm using `*xterm-command*' and `*xterm-user-shell-options*'.
stick-icon -- Cause WIN's icon to become "sticky".
stick-window -- Make WIN "sticky" so that it stays stationary in the viewport.
sticky-window? -- Return #t if WIN is "sticky", #f otherwise.
stop-animating-scwm-resolves -- Turn off animating windows to new positions following re-solves.
stop-flashing-window -- Turn off window flashing of WIN.
stop-property-respond -- Turn off property-change responses.
stop-simplebiff -- Call this with the object returned from simplebiff to turn off the notifier
strict-relpos-placement -- Wrap placement procedure PROC with adding a contraint that the windows stay relatively where they are.
string->proplist -- Return a proplist object containing STRING.
string->scwm-module -- Return the module corresponding to the given string.
string->X-atom -- Returns an X atom representing STRING.
string-ci-has-prefix -- Return #t iff STRING starts with PREFIX ignoring case.
string-contains-slash? -- No documentation supplied.
string-has-prefix -- Return #t iff STRING starts with PREFIX.
string-join -- Concatenates the list STRINGS into a single string.
string-list->string -- Convert L, a list of strings or characters, to a string.
string-with-colons->path-list -- Convert S, a colon-separated directory pathlist, into a list of directory strings.
style-one-window -- No documentation supplied.
style-option:cumulative? -- No documentation supplied.
style-option:handler -- No documentation supplied.
style-option:type -- No documentation supplied.
support-image-conversion -- Set things up to try to load arbitrary images.
switch-to-first-desk -- Switch to the first desktop.
switch-to-second-desk -- Switch to the second desktop.
system-info-string -- Return a string with various system information.
take-screenshot -- Take a snapshot of the whole screen.
theme-names -- No documentation supplied.
theme:background-style -- No documentation supplied.
theme:name -- No documentation supplied.
theme:window-style -- No documentation supplied.
there-exists? -- Return true if PRED is true for at least one elements of L, otherwise false.
tile -- Tile the windows on the specified desk.
tile-windows -- Tile WINDOWS according to several parameters.
tile-windows-interactively -- Tile a set of selected windows either vertically or horizontally.
time-t->seconds-ago -- Return the number of seconds that have passed since TIMET was the current time.
title-font -- Return the font used for drawing window titles in the current decor.
title-height -- Return the height of the titlebar in pixels, as set by set-title-height!.
title-justify -- Return the current justification for the title, as set by set-title-justify!.
title-match?? -- Return a predicate that tests a window's title.
title-style -- Set the title style in the current decor.
titlebar-shown? -- Return #t if WIN is decorated with a titlebar, #f otherwise.
to-string -- Dump all arguments into a string.
toggle-docs-for -- No documentation supplied.
toggle-easyraise-windows -- 
toggle-focus -- Focus window that had the focus before the current one.
toggle-maximize -- Maximize to width NW, height NH if not maximized, or unmaximize.
toggle-maximize-both -- Toggle the WIN's maximization (both vertically and horizontally).
toggle-maximize-horizontal -- Toggle the WIN's maximized-horizontally state.
toggle-maximize-vertical -- Toggle the current window's maximized-vertically state.
toggle-maximize-vertical-part -- Toggle the WIN's maximization-vertically to 95% of the screen height.
transient? -- Return #t if WIN is transient, #f if not.
try-everything-loader -- Tries to load an arbitrary image, using any available loader.
turn-off-only-focus-window-has-titlebar -- Do not display titlebars on only the focuessed window.
turn-on-only-focus-window-has-titlebar -- Start displaying a titlebar only on the focussed window.
two-window-or-more-nonant-prompter -- No documentation supplied.
two-window-or-more-prompter -- No documentation supplied.
two-window-prompter -- No documentation supplied.
ui-constraint-add-enable-hook -- Adds a HOOK proc which will be called when UI-CONSTRAINT enable state changes.
ui-constraint-button -- Returns the a reference to panel representing the UI-CONSTRAINT in the toggle menu.
ui-constraint-class -- Returns the UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS from the ui-constraint object UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint-class-creator -- Return a list that contains a code snippet can create CLASS.
ui-constraint-class-ctr -- Returns the constructor for instance of the constraint class.
ui-constraint-class-description -- Returns the description for the constraint class.
ui-constraint-class-draw-proc -- returns the drawing procedure for instances of the constraint class.
ui-constraint-class-menuname-proc -- Return the proc for determining the name for the constraint in
ui-constraint-class-name -- Returns the name of the constraint class.
ui-constraint-class-num-windows -- Returns the number of windows constrainable by instances of the constraint
ui-constraint-class-pixmap-name -- Return the pixmap-name of UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS.
ui-constraint-class-pixmap2-name -- Return the pixmap2-name of UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS.
ui-constraint-class-satisfied-proc -- Returns the satisfaction checking procedure for instances of the
ui-constraint-class-ui-ctr -- Returns the UI constructor for instances of the constraint class.
ui-constraint-class? -- Returns a boolean: true if UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS is a vector and starts with the
ui-constraint-cn -- Returns the CN list from the ui-constraint object UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint-enable-hooks -- Returns a list of the enable-hook functions added to the UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint-enabled? -- Returns the ENABLE from the ui-constraint object UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint-opts -- Returns the list of optional data that may be added by the constraint class.
ui-constraint-remove-enable-hook -- Removes a HOOK proc from the list in UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint-set-button! -- Sets the reference to the gtk button for this instance in the toggle menu.
ui-constraint-windows -- Returns the LIST-OF-WINDOWS from the ui-constraint object UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint? -- Returns #t if UI-CONSTRAINT is a ui-constraint.
ui-constraints-composition-begin -- Begin recording the constraints used for the creation of a composition.
ui-constraints-composition-end -- End the recording of a constraint composition.
ui-constraints-involving-two-windows -- Returns the list of ui-constraint objects that involve WIN1 and WIN2.
ui-constraints-involving-window -- Returns the list of ui-constraint objects that involve WIN.
ui-constraints-toggle-menu -- Return a menu of constraints that permits toggling their enabled? state.
un-keep-on-top -- Remove the on-top property from WIN, if it has it.
unbind-four-modifier-key-events -- Unbind events attached to a multi-modifier key event.
unbind-key -- Remove any bindings attached to KEY in given CONTEXTS.
unbind-keycode -- Unbind the given KEYCODE within the CONTEXTS.
unbind-mouse -- Remove any bindings attached to mouse BUTTON in given CONTEXTS.
unbind-three-modifier-key-events -- Unbind events attached to a multi-modifier key event.
unbind-two-modifier-key-events -- Unbind events attached to a multi-modifier key event.
undo -- Undo the last operation that was undoable.
undo-all-passive-grabs -- Remove all passive grabs of keys and buttons of bindings.
undo-passive-grab -- Remove the passive grabs of KEYCODE-OR-BUTNUM with MODMASK on all windows.
undo-state-at-index -- Return the state from undo-list at INDEX, or #f if bad index.
undo-use -- Apply the state from the undo-list contained at INDEX.
undraw-all-constraints -- Undraw all constraints in the global instance list.
undraw-constraint -- Undraw the UI-CONSTRAINT.
undraw-constraints-of-window -- Undraw all constraints associated with WIN.
unflash-window -- Revert WIN's titlebar and boundary color to state before a flash-window.
unfocus -- Remove the input focus from any window that may have it.
uninstall-hover-focus -- Remove the hover-focus procedures from the Scwm hooks.
uninstall-visibility-reporter -- Uninstall procedures that print debugging messages on window visibility change events.
unmaximize -- Unmaximize WIN so it returns to its size/position before maximization.
unregister-image-loader -- Unregister the loader, if any, for images ending in EXTENSION.
unselect-all-windows -- Unselect all windows selected via select-window-add.
unselect-matching-windows -- Unselect windows for which predicate PROC returns #t.
unset-message-window-position! -- Move the message window back to the default screen-center position.
unshade-window -- Reverse the effect of shade-window on WIN.
unstick-icon -- Cause WIN's icon to no longer be "sticky".
unstick-window -- Cause a window to no longer be "sticky", if it is.
uri-escapify-comma -- Replace commas in URI with the %2C escape code.
use-change-desk-commands -- Execute one of the VECTOR-OF-COMMANDS shell commands when the desk changes.
use-gtk-error-window-for-scwm -- No documentation supplied.
use-placement-hint -- Do nothing when placing WIN, just let it be where hinted to be.
use-theme -- Use settings from THEME to set up the window manager.
user-home -- Return the current user's home directory.
user-name -- Return the current user's name.
viewport->virtual -- Return the virtual coordinates for viewport X,Y.
viewport-center-x -- Return the x coordinate of the center of the current viewport.
viewport-center-y -- Return the y coordinate of the center of the current viewport.
viewport-position -- Returns the current position of the viewport in pixels.
viewport-x-position -- Return the x coordinate of the current viewport.
viewport-y-position -- Return the y coordinate of the current viewport.
virtual->viewport -- Return the viewport coordinates for virtual X,Y.
virtual-size -- Return the size of the virtual screen in pixels.
virtual-switch-placement -- Wrap placement procedure PROC with virtual switching code.
visible? -- Return #t if any of WIN is currently potentially visible, else #f.
vpx->vx -- Convert from a viewport to a virtual X coordinate.
vpy->vy -- Convert from a viewport to a virtual Y coordinate.
vv-close -- Close connect to the ViaVoice speech recognizer.
vv-connect -- Connect to the ViaVoice speech recognizer, calling PROC after connected.
vv-connected? -- Return #t if we are connected to the ViaVoice speech recognizer.
vv-define-grammar -- Use GRAMMAR-FILE as the ViaVoice grammar and give it name NAME.
vv-disconnect -- Disconnect from the ViaVoice speech recognizer, calling PROC after disconnected.
vv-enable-vocab -- Enable vocabulary/grammar NAME.
vv-initialize -- Use this to start ViaVoice recognition.
vv-initialize-environment -- No documentation supplied.
vv-recognition-actions -- No documentation supplied.
vv-recognition-debug -- No documentation supplied.
vv-setup-recognition-hook -- No documentation supplied.
vv-smrc->error -- No documentation supplied.
vv-terminate -- Use this to terminate ViaVoice recognition.
vv-turn-microphone-off -- Turn the microphone off to stop recognizing commands.
vv-turn-microphone-on -- Turn the microphone on to start recognizing commands.
vv-use-grammar -- No documentation supplied.
vx- -- Return the virtual coordinate X pixels left of the right virtual edge.
vx->vpx -- Convert from a virtual to a viewport X coordinate.
vy- -- Return the virtual coordinate Y pixels up from the bottom virtual edge.
vy->vpy -- Convert from a virtual to a viewport Y coordinate.
w%x -- Return a pixel width X percent of the width of window W.
w%y -- Return a pixel height Y percent of the height of window W.
warp-placement -- Return a list, (%x %y), for the desired pointer placement for WIN.
warp-to-window -- Move the mouse pointer to the upper left corner of WIN.
warp-to-window-viewport -- Change to the desk and viewport of WIN.
where-is -- Show bindings that invoke PROC.
wiggle-window -- Animatedly window shade and then unshade WIN.
wildcard->regexp -- Return the regular expresision string corresponding to WILDCARD.
wildcard-match? -- Returns #t if WILDCARD matches WIN (in the sense of wildcard-matcher).
wildcard-matcher -- Return a procedure that matches WILDCARD against a window.
window->image -- Return an image with the contents of window WIN.
window-aligned-viewport -- Return the viewport that contains the center of WIN.
window-and-offsets->nonant -- Return a nonant number in [0,8] from a window position and an offset.
window-application-menu -- Return the application menu for WIN, or #f if there is none.
window-background-color -- No documentation supplied.
window-center-bottom -- Return a pair (X .
window-center-middle -- Return pair (viewport-x .
window-center-position -- Return the virtual coordinates of the center of WIN as a list of the X and Y coordinate.
window-center-top -- Return a pair (X .
window-class -- Return the window resources class of WIN.
window-class-hint -- DEPRECATED.
window-client-machine-name -- Return the name of the client machine on which WIN is running.
window-configuration -- Return a list containing the state of WIN.
window-configuration->xform-to-it -- Create a transformation element for going from the current state to CFG.
window-configuration-to-register -- Save the configuration of WIN to REGISTER.
window-configuration? -- Return #t if WCFG is a window configuration.
window-context -- Returns the current window context, or #f if there is none.
window-corners -- Return the four coordinates of the corners of the location of WIN.
window-creation-time -- Return the time that WIN was created in seconds since 1/1/70.
window-decor -- Return WIN's decor.
window-decoration-ids -- Returns a list of long integer window ids of the decoration windows for WIN.
window-decoration-size -- Return (decor-width decor-height) for WIN.
window-deletable? -- Return #t if WIN is able to be deleted, #f otherwise.
window-desk -- Return the desk that WIN is currently on.
window-flashing? -- Return #t iff WIN is currently flashing, #f otherwise.
window-focus-style -- Get the focus style of WIN.
window-foreground-color -- No documentation supplied.
window-frame-area -- Return the area of WIN's frame in square pixels.
window-frame-border-width -- Return the width of WIN's frame's border.
window-frame-id -- Return the X window id for the outermost frame window of WIN.
window-frame-size -- Return the size of the frame of WIN.
window-fully-constructed? -- Returns #t if WIN is a fully-constructed window, otherwise #f.
window-geometry-string -- Return a string corresponding to the geometry specifications for WIN.
window-gravity -- Return the gravity for WIN as a symbol.
window-highlighted-nonant -- Returnt the highlighted nonant for WIN, or #f if none highlighted.
window-icon -- Get the icon image being used for WIN.
window-icon-shaped? -- Return #t if WIN has shaped icon, #f otherwise.
window-icon-title -- Return the icon window title of WIN.
window-id -- Return the X window id for WIN.
window-info -- Display information about WIN in a message window.
window-is-selected? -- Return #t if W is in the selected window list, else #f.
window-last-focus-time -- Return the time that WIN was last focussed in seconds since 1/1/70.
window-last-focus-time-string -- Return a string corresponding to the last focus time for WIN.
window-last-focus-x-time -- Return the X11 time that WIN was last focussed.
window-left-bottom -- Return a pair (X .
window-left-middle -- Return a pair (X .
window-left-top -- Return a pair (X .
window-map-pending? -- Returns #t if the mapping of WIN is pending, otherwise returns #f.
window-mapped? -- Returns #t if WIN is mapped, otherwise returns #f.
window-mini-icon -- Get the mini-icon image being used for WIN.
window-other-id -- Returns the other id string given to the process that created WIN.
window-overlaps-window? -- Return a function that takes WIN2 and returns #t if it overlaps WIN.
window-pid -- Returns the process id of the process that created WIN.
window-position -- Return the position of WIN in pixels.
window-position-in-viewport -- Return a virtual position for WIN that is in viewport (XX,YY).
window-property -- Retrieve window property PROP of WIN.
window-resource -- Return the window resource instance of WIN.
window-resource-hint -- DEPRECATED.
window-right-bottom -- Return a pair (X .
window-right-middle -- Return a pair (X .
window-right-top -- Return a pair (X .
window-shaped? -- Return #t if WIN is a shaped window, #f otherwise.
window-size -- Return the size of the application window of WIN.
window-size-hints -- Return a list of the window size hints associated with WIN.
window-state->string -- Returns a string representation of the numerical WIN-STATE.
window-style -- Specify various properties for windows matching CONDITION.
window-task-switcher-menu -- Popup a task-switcher window list.
window-task-switcher-menu-backwards -- Popup a task-switcher window list.
window-title -- Return the window title of WIN, as requested by the application.
window-title-height -- Return WIN's titlebar's height.
window-title-size -- Return a list with the width and height of WIN's titlebar.
window-title-width -- Return WIN's titlebar's width.
window-transient-for -- Return the window for which WIN is transient.
window-unstyle -- Remove STYLE definition from list of window styles.
window-valid? -- Returns #t if OBJ is window object and is still valid, otherwise returns #f.
window-viewport-position -- Return the position of WIN in pixels within the viewport.
window-viewport-position-of -- Return a list (X Y) that is the viewport position of the SYM part of WIN.
window-virtual-position -- Return the virtual position of WIN in pixels.
window-visibility -- Return the visibility state for WIN.
window-visible-frame-size -- Return the visible frame size of WIN.
window-with-focus -- Return the window that currently has the input focus.
window-with-pointer -- Return the window that currently contains the mouse pointer.
window? -- Returns #t if OBJ is a window object, otherwise returns #f.
windows-overlap? -- Return #t if WIN and WIN2 overlap at all, else #f.
winlist-hit -- Permit WIN to be displayed in the window list by default.
winlist-skip -- Do not show WIN in the window list by default.
winlist-skip? -- Return #t if WIN is skipped in the window list, #f otherwise.
with-frozen-root-window -- Execute THUNK with a frozen root window.
write-all -- Write all arguments into the port.
x- -- Return the viewport pixel coordinate X pixels left of the right display edge.
X-atom->string -- Returns the string represented by ATOM.
X-atomic-property-set-if-unset! -- Set property NAME on WINDOW to VALUE, if it's currently unset.
x-connection-number -- Return the X connection file descriptor number.
X-convert-selection -- Ask the owner of selection SELECTION to provide its value.
X-cut-buffer->palm-clipboard -- No documentation supplied.
X-cut-buffer-string -- Return the text of the primary cut buffer.
X-display-information -- Return some information about the screen.
X-fetch-bytes -- Returns a string representing the value of the cut buffer.
X-get-selection-owner -- Return the window that owns the selection denoted by ATOM.
X-grab-server -- Grab the X server.
X-handle-selection-string -- Run VALUE-HANDLER on the selection SELECTION after retrieving it.
X-pointer-mapping -- Return the mapping of physical->logical pointer buttons as a list.
X-properties -- Returns a list of WIN's X property names.
X-properties->string -- Prints the X properties of WIN into a string.
X-property-delete! -- Delete X property NAME of window WIN.
X-property-get -- Get X property NAME of window WIN.
X-property-set! -- Set X property NAME on window WIN to VALUE.
X-resource-database-save -- Save the Scwm resource database to FILENAME.
X-resource-get -- Get X resource specified by NAME and XCLASS from Xrm database.
X-resource-put -- Stores string VALUE as X resource RESOURCE (also a string).
X-rotate-cut-buffers -- Rotate the X cut buffers by N positions.
X-server-grabs -- Return the number of nested server grabs.
X-server-synchronize -- Handle all pending events.
X-set-cut-buffer-string! -- Set the text of the primary cut buffer.
X-store-bytes -- Set the cut buffer to STRING by calling XStoreBytes.
X-synthetic-send-string -- Send string STR to WIN via synthetic X events.
X-ungrab-server -- Ungrab the X server.
X-version-information -- Return some information about the version of the running X server.
xlib-draw-arc! -- Draws a arc to the screen using the Xlib call XDrawArc.
xlib-draw-line! -- Draws a line using the Xlib call XDrawLine.
xlib-draw-rectangle! -- Draws a rectangle to the screen using the Xlib call XDrawRectangle.
xlib-set-drawing-mask! -- Set the drawing mask used by the xlib-* primitives.
xlib-set-fill-style! -- Sets the fill style of the DrawingGC to STYLE.
xlib-set-line-attributes! -- Sets the line width of the DrawingGC to WIDTH and style to STYLE.
xlock-query-modes -- Returns a list of mode names queried from the given XLOCK program.
xterm-other-host -- Run an xterm on machine HOSTNAME.
xtest-fake-button-event -- Fake an X event of button number BUTTON after a delay of MS-DELAY.
xtest-fake-key-event -- Fake an X event of key KEYCODE after a delay of MS-DELAY.
xtest-fake-modmask -- No documentation supplied.
xtest-fake-modmask-button -- No documentation supplied.
xtest-fake-modmask-key -- No documentation supplied.
xtest-fake-motion-event -- Fake an X motion event to X,Y after a delay of MS-DELAY on SCREEN.
xtest-fake-relative-motion-event -- Fake an X motion relative event of a move DX, DY after a delay of MS-DELAY.
xtest-supported? -- Returns #t iff the XTest extension is supported on this server.
y- -- Return the viewport pixel coordinate Y pixels up from the bottom display edge.
List of Tables
1-1. Face Flags
1-2. Face Specification Flags
1-3. Interactive specifiers
1-4. window style options