Focus Styles

Scwm supports several focus styles, which are settable per-window. A window with the 'click focus style is click-to-focus: it requires that the user click on it before it will receive the input focus, and will not lose it again until some other window gains focus. The 'mouse focus style is mouse-focus in the traditional sense - the window will gain and lose focus as the mouse enters and leaves it. 'sloppy indicates the sloppy-focus style. This is like mouse-focus, but the window will not lose the focus until another gains it. So if you focus the window with the mouse and then let the pointer slide into the root window or a window that has focus styles of 'click or 'none, the window will not lose the focus. This style of focus was first introduced in fvwm. A focus style of 'none indicates that the window should never gain the input focus, no matter what. This can be used for clocks, mailboxes, and other desktop gadgets that never need keyboard input.