animate-windows -- Animate multiple windows.


(animate-windows xforms #&optional move-pointer-too?)


Animate multiple windows. xforms is a list of transform operations where each xform operation describes how a single window should move and resize by giving its old and new configuration. Each xfrom element of the xforms list should look like: (window frame? (start-width . start-height) (end-width . end-height) (start-x . start-y) (end-x . end-y) (set-end-x? . set-end-y?)) If move-pointer-too? is #t, then the X11 pointer will move in conjunction with the first window in the xforms list; defaults to #f.

Implementation Notes

Module: Primitive from (app scwm c-animation)

Defined in modules/c-animation/c-animation.c at line 439 (CVS log)