title-style -- Set the title style in the current decor.


(title-style #&key font height justify
			     (active-up '()) 
			     (active-down '()) 
			     (inactive '()) #&allow-other-keys #&rest rest)


Set the title style in the current decor. FONT is the window title font, a font object or a string. HEIGHT is the height of the title bar, in points. JUSTIFY is one of 'left, 'right, or 'center. This function also takes the keyword arguments #:relief, #:solid, #:gradient, #:h-gradient, #:v-gradient, and #:pixmap, with effects as described under the `Face Flags' and `Face Specification Flags' concepts (except that #:pixmap is always tiled, and #:h-gradient and #:v-gradient are horizontal and vertical gradients). These extra keyword arguments can either be included in the main argument list, or lists of these arguments can be used as the ACTIVE-UP, ACTIVE-DOWN, or INACTIVE arguments. For instance: (title-style #:solid "red" #:inactive (list #:solid "green")) would set the title to be red in either active state, and green in the inactive state, leaving FONT, HEIGHT, and JUSTIFY in their current state, and returning everything else about the title to their default state.

Implementation Notes

Module: (app scwm face)

Defined in scheme/face.scm at line 37 (CVS log)