cascade -- Cascade the windows on the specified desk.


(cascade #&key (only ()) (except ()) 
			 (by-stacking #f) (by-focus #f)
			 (reverse #f)
			 (all-viewports #f) (desk (current-desk))
			 (ignore-default-exceptions #f)
			 (start-pos '(0 0)) (max-size (display-size))
			 (resize #f) (raise #t) 
			 (x-increment (meta-apply + window-title-height
			 (y-increment (meta-apply + window-title-height


Cascade the windows on the specified desk. The DESK option, defaulting to the current desk, specifies which desk; ALL-VIEWPORTS, when true indicates that the windows in all viewports of this desk should be cascaded, otherwise only the current viewport is cascaded. The options ONLY, EXCEPT, BY-STACKING, BY-FOCUS and REVERSE indicate the windows to use and the order to use them in, as with list-windows. However, unless IGNORE-DEFAULT-EXCEPTIONS is #t, transient, maximized, sticky and iconified windows will be always be excluded. START-POS, MAX-SIZE, RESIZE, RAISE, X-INCREMENT and Y-INCREMENT control the cascading options as for cascade-windows.

Implementation Notes

Module: (app scwm cascade)

Defined in scheme/cascade.scm at line 100 (CVS log)