message-window-options -- Allow specification of message-window behavior for standard actions.


(message-window-options action #&key enable
					position gravity offset 


Allow specification of message-window behavior for standard actions. ACTION specifies the action for which this behavior should be used. Currently, 'interactive-move and 'interactive-resize are the only useful values. ENABLE is a boolean value inidicating whether to use a message window for that action at all. GRAVITY indicates which point on the message window is used as the control point for placing it. See `gravity->alignmnents' for a list of valid gravity specs. If FOLLOW-WINDOW is true, the message window will track the window on which an action is being performed, if applicable. In this case, POSITION is ignored; OFFSET is taken as a list of the X and Y offsets from the window's top left corner, and PROPORTIONAL-OFFSET is taken as a list of factors to multiply by the window's size. For instance, an OFFSET of (0 0) and a PROPORTIONAL-OFFSET of (0.5 0.5) will place the message window at the center of of the window being operated on. However, if FOLLOW-WINDOW is false, or there is no applicable window, POSITION is interpreted as a list of x, y coordinates at which to place the message window. These options are cumulative for repeated calls to message-window-options for the same action.

Implementation Notes

Module: (app scwm message-window)

Defined in scheme/message-window.scm at line 52 (CVS log)