Chapter 5. Procedures in Alphabetical Order

Table of Contents
%x -- Return the number of pixels that is X percent of the display width.
%x- -- Return the pixel coordinate X percent of the width away from the right edge.
%x-permit-negative -- No documentation supplied.
%y -- Return the number of pixels that is Y percent of the display height.
%y- -- Return the pixel coordinate Y percent of the height away from the bottom edge.
%y-permit-negative -- No documentation supplied.
accumulate -- Repeatedly apply PROC to a current value and a member of L.
activate-ScwmBiff -- Turn on the ScwmBiff notification service.
add-boolean-both-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-boolean-hint-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-boolean-style-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-hook-once! -- Add PROC to HOOK only if it does not contain PROC already.
add-input-hook! -- Add an input hook to run PROC on input from PORT.
add-left-button -- Add a left button to the current decor.
add-motion-handler! -- Call PROC on XMotionEvents.
add-property-style-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-right-button -- Add a right button to the current decor.
add-timer-hook! -- Add a timer hook to call PROC once sometime after MSEC milliseconds.
add-window-both-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-window-hint-option -- No documentation supplied.
add-window-style-option -- No documentation supplied.
align-viewport -- Set the viewport position to the nearest multiple of the desk size.
and-map -- Apply PROC repeatedly, returning the first false value.
animate-windows -- Animate multiple windows.
animated-deiconify -- Deiconify WIN using a simple animation of a growing rectangle.
animated-deiconify-to-viewport -- Deiconify WIN with an animation to the same viewport position as it was iconified from.
animated-deiconify-to-vp-focus -- Deiconify WIN to the current viewport, and give it the focus.
animated-iconify -- Iconify WIN using a simple animation of a shrinking rectangle.
animated-move-to -- Move WIN to viewport coordinates X, Y with animation.
animated-move-to-center -- Move WIN to the center of the viewport and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-e -- Move WIN to the east edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-n -- Move WIN to the north edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-ne -- Move WIN to the northeast edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-nw -- Move WIN to the northwest edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-s -- Move WIN to the south edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-se -- Move WIN to the southeast edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-sw -- Move WIN to the southwest edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-to-w -- Move WIN to the west edge and update its gravity.
animated-move-window -- Move WIN to virtual coordinates X, Y with animation.
animated-resize-frame -- Resize the frame of WIN to size W, H (pixels) with animation.
animated-resize-window -- Resize the client area of WIN to size W, H (pixels) with animation.
animated-toggle-iconify -- Iconify WIN if not iconified, or de-iconify WIN if it is iconified.
animated-window-shade -- Cause WIN to become "window-shaded".
animated-window-unshade -- Reverse the effect of window-shade on WIN.
any-id->window -- Return the window object that contains the window with id WINDOW-ID.
append-fvwm2-module-config -- No documentation supplied.
append-hook! -- Add PROC to HOOK at the end of the list.
append-hook-once! -- Append PROC to HOOK only if it does not contain PROC already.
append-map -- Do the same thing as map, but collect results with append, not cons.
apply-fancy-resize-cursors -- Use the fancy resize cursors for WIN.
apply-style -- No documentation supplied.
apropos-internal-with-modules -- Return a list of accessible variable names and the modules they are defined in.
ask-string -- Ask for a string with PROMPT.
at-point-placement -- Return a procedure that places a window at the pointer position.
at-virtual-offset-placement -- Return a procedure that takes a window and places it at virtual offset X, Y.
at-vp-offset-placement -- Return a procedure that takes a window and places it at viewport offset X, Y.
auto-accept-dialog-placement -- Return a procedure that auto-accepts a dialog box window.
background-system -- Run CMD using /bin/sh -c CMD and return the exit status.
beep -- Ring the standard X bell.
bell -- Ring the X11 bell (just calls beep).
binary -- Return the integer that corresponds to string NUMBER as a binary value.
binary-read -- Reads LENGTH bytes of binary data from PORT and return it as a string.
binary-read-long -- Reads a binary representation of a C long and return as a scheme number.
binary-write -- Writes STR as binary data to PORT.
bind-four-modifier-key-events -- Bind PROC-PRESS and PROC-RELEASE to be invoked on a multi-modifier key event.
bind-key -- Bind the given KEY within the CONTEXTS to invoke PROC.
bind-keycode -- Bind the given KEYCODE within the CONTEXTS to invoke PROC.
bind-mouse -- Bind the given mouse BUTTON within the CONTEXTS to invoke PROC.
bind-three-modifier-key-events -- Bind PROC-PRESS and PROC-RELEASE to be invoked on a multi-modifier key event.
bind-two-modifier-key-events -- Bind PROC-PRESS and PROC-RELEASE to be invoked on a multi-modifier key event.
bind-wheel-mouse-prior-next -- No documentation supplied.
bool->string -- Return the string "false" if ARG is #f, "true" otherwise.
border-normal? -- Return #t if WIN has a normal border, #f if it has a plain border.
border-style -- Set the border style in the current decor.
button-item -- Create a button item for a ScwmButtons window.
button-style -- Set the button style for button number BUTTON in the current decor.
cached-program-exists? -- Return #t if PROGRAM-NAME is in the cache of programs that exist.
call-interactively -- Invoke THUNK interactively.
call-with-decor -- Eval THUNK using DECOR as the current decor.
canonicalize-nonant -- Return a number from 0-8 given any reasonable representation for NONANT.
capturing? -- Returns #t when the windows are being captured.
cascade -- Cascade the windows on the specified desk.
cascade-windows -- Cascade WINDOWS according to several parameters.
cascade-windows-interactively -- Cascade a set of selected windows.
caught-error -- No documentation supplied.
cgi-escapify-space -- Replace spaces in URI with the + escape code.
change-ui-constraints-buttons -- No documentation supplied.
char-value -- Return the integer that corresponds to the Ascii code for CH.
choices-from-favorites -- No documentation supplied.
chop-newline -- Return STR up to but not including the first newline character.
chop-string -- No documentation supplied.
circulate-hit -- Include WIN among the windows in the circulate list.
circulate-hit-icon -- Include WIN's icon among the windows in the circulate list.
circulate-skip -- Do not include WIN among the windows in the circulate list.
circulate-skip-icon -- Do not include WIN's icon among the windows in the circulate list.
circulate-skip-icon? -- Return #t if WIN's icon is not among the windows in the circulate list.
circulate-skip? -- Return #t if WIN is not among the windows in the circulate list.
cl-set-solver-var -- Set solver S's variable CLV to value VALUE.
class-match?? -- Return a predicate that tests a window's resource class.
clear-color-cache-entry -- Colors are cached by name.
clear-font-cache-entry -- Fonts are cached by name.
clear-fvwm2-module-config -- No documentation supplied.
clear-image-cache-entry -- Images are cached by both name and full pathname.
clear-window-style -- No documentation supplied.
clever-place-window -- Places WIN using fvwm2's "ReallySmart" algorithm.
click-delay -- Returns the delay used in identifying mouse clicks and drags, in milliseconds.
click-to-focus-passes-click? -- Returns #t iff a click-to-focus window is sent the click, else #f.
click-to-focus-raises? -- Returns #t iff a click-to-focus window gets raised on focus, else #f.
client-hostname-match?? -- Return a predicate that tests a window's client hostname.
clist-find -- Return the row number of the first row in CLIST that PRED answers #t for.
clist-set-row-text -- Set the text of ROW of CLIST to COLS.
clone-resized-image -- Makes a new image from IMAGE of the given WIDTH and HEIGHT.
clone-scaled-image -- Returns a copy of IMAGE scaled to have dimensions WIDTH by HEIGHT.
close-all-xlogo-windows -- Close each window with class == XLogo.
close-ScwmBiff -- Close the ScwmBiff notification window.
close-ScwmButtons -- Close the ScwmButtons window of SB.
close-ScwmClock -- Close the ScwmClock with handle SC.
close-ScwmDeskButtons -- Close a ScwmDeskButtons object that was returned from run-ScwmDeskButtons.
close-ui-constraints-buttons -- No documentation supplied.
close-window -- Close WIN either by deleting it or destroying it.
close-window-and-pop-focus -- Close WIN and pop the focus with pop-focus-window.
cncat -- No documentation supplied.
color->string -- Convert scwm color object COLOR into an X11 name of that color.
color-properties -- Return an association list giving some properties of COLOR.
color-property -- Return the KEY property of COLOR.
color? -- Returns #t if OBJ is a color object, otherwise #f.
colormap-focus -- Return the colormap focus policy, as set by set-colormap-focus!.
config-request-animate -- A procedure for X-ConfigureRequest-hook to do window configuration animatedly.
constrained-window-in-focus? -- Returns #t if one of the windows in the constraint is in focus.
constraint-satisfied? -- Returns the status of whether a UI-CONSTRAINT is satisfied.
containing-aligned-viewport -- Compute the viewport-position of the viewport that contains POS.
context->brief-context -- No documentation supplied.
context->string -- No documentation supplied.
copy-menu-look -- Copy menu look ORIGINAL-MENU-LOOK with a new NAME and optional EXTRA.
copy-window-configuration -- Apply a saved state CONFIGURATION to window WIN.
copy-window-title-to-cut-buffer -- Set X cut buffer to be a string that is the title of WINDOW.
corba-evaluator-ior -- Returns the "IOR" string for the scwm-scheme-evaluator servant.
create-menu-win -- No documentation supplied.
create-pixmap-cursor -- Create and return a new cursor object from the pixmap image.
current-decor -- Return the current decor.
current-desk -- Returns the integer identifying the current desk.
current-viewport-offset-xx -- Return the current viewport horizontal offset as a multiple of the display width.
current-viewport-offset-yy -- Return the current viewport vertical offset as a multiple of the display height.
deactivate-ScwmBiff -- Make ScwmBiff no longer notify, but leave visible.
debug-clist-select -- No documentation supplied.
decrement-in-range -- Return v-1 but no less than low.
decrement-undo-index -- Decrement the undo-index.
default-decor -- Return the default decor.
default-move-opaquely? -- Return #t if WIN has area <= *opaque-move-percent* of the screen, else #f.
default-resize-opaquely? -- Return #t if WIN has area <= *opaque-resize-percent* of the screen, else #f.
define-scwm-group-proc -- Helper procedure for define-scwm-group-- use that instead.
define-scwm-option-proc -- Helper procedure for define-scwm-option.
deiconify-group -- Deiconify all members of GROUP.
deiconify-group-or-window -- Deiconify WIN, and perhaps all members of its group.
deiconify-to-current-viewport -- De-iconify WIN and make it visible in the current viewport.
deiconify-window -- Deiconify WIN.
delete-all-constraints -- Delete all constraints in the global instance list.
delete-duplicates -- Return a list that has the elements of L with duplicates omitted.
delete-inferred-ui-constraints-involving-window! -- Delete all the ui-constraint objects that involve WIN.
delete-multiple-windows-interactively -- Delete multiple windows as they are interactively clicked on.
delete-ui-constraint! -- Removes the UI-CONSTRAINT permanently.
delete-ui-constraint-class! -- Removes UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS from the global class list.
delete-ui-constraints-involving-window! -- Delete all the ui-constraint objects that involve WIN.
delete-window -- Request that WIN remove itself from the display.
delta-position -- Return a new coordinate list that is DX,DY offset from XY-LIST.
describe-event -- Display a message giving the bindings of the next event, key or mouse.
describe-key -- Display a message giving the bindings of the next key event.
describe-mouse -- Display a message giving the bindings of the next mouse event.
desk-background -- Set the background to use on desk DESK.
desk-size -- Returns the size of the current desk.
destroy-window -- Forcibly remove WIN from the screen.
dir-focus -- Move focus to the closest window in direction DIR.
dir-focus-east -- Switch focus to the window to the east.
dir-focus-north -- Switch focus to the window to the north.
dir-focus-south -- Switch focus to the window to the south.
dir-focus-west -- Switch focus to the window to the west.
disable-all-constraints -- Disable all constraints in the global instance list.
disable-auto-unobscure -- No documentation supplied.
disable-autosave-netscape-dialog -- Disable the netscape autosaving "Save as.
disable-gnome-hints -- Disable support for GNOME hints.
disable-timed-autoshrink-windows -- Turn off auto-shrinking window behaviour.
disable-ui-constraint -- Disables the constraint in the constraint solver
display-message-briefly -- Display MSG in the message window for SEC-TIMEOUT seconds.
display-size -- Returns the size of the physical screen in pixels.
documentation -- Print the documentation for the string or symbol.
done-startup? -- Return #t iff Scwm is fully initialized, else #f.
draw-all-constraints -- Draw all constraints in the global instance list.
draw-constraint -- Draw the UI-CONSTRAINT.
draw-constraints-of-window -- Draw all constraints associated with WIN.
draw-overlay-plane -- Draw a box in the overlay plane.
draw-pager -- No documentation supplied.
dummy-prompt-hbox -- Create and return a dummy-prompting hbox and entry.
easyraise-window-is-hidden? -- No documentation supplied.
easyraise-window? -- 
edge-move-threshold -- Return the edge move threshold as set by set-edge-move-threshold!.
edge-scroll-delay -- Return the edge scroll delay (in ms) as set by set-edge-scroll-delay!.
edge-x-scroll -- Return the horizontal edge scroll increment as set by set-edge-x-scroll!.
edge-x-wrap -- Return the current horizonatal edge wrap setting as set by set-edge-x-wrap!.
edge-y-scroll -- Return the vertical edge scroll increment as set by set-edge-y-scroll!.
edge-y-wrap -- Return the current vertical edge wrap setting as set by set-edge-y-wrap!.
edges->nonant -- Return a nonant number from a list of edges that are involved.
elapsed-time -- Return the elapsed time in milliseconds since O.
enable-all-constraints -- Enable all constraints in the global instance list.
enable-auto-unobscure -- No documentation supplied.
enable-autosave-netscape-dialog -- Enable the netscape autosaving "Save as.
enable-dynamic-netscape-actions -- Enable the netscape download-closed action.
enable-gnome-hints -- Enable support for GNOME hints.
enable-image-path-suggestor -- Turn on the image path suggestor.
enable-timed-autoshrink-windows -- Turn on auto-shrinking window behaviour.
enable-ui-constraint -- Enables the constraint in the constraint solver.
enclosing-rectangle -- Return the smallest rectangle that encloses the windows WINS.
end-constraints -- Terminate using the constraint solver.
end-highlighting-current-window -- Remove the hook procedures that make the window with mouse be highlighted.
end-highlighting-selected-window -- Stop highlighting the current window during window selections.
esd-reconnect -- Connect to the ESound daemon on the machine named HOST.
eval-after-load -- Run PROC after MODULE is loaded.
eval-expression-interactively -- Prompt for an expression and evaluate it interactively.
eval-fvwm-command -- Evaluate an fvwm2 command.
exe -- Return a procedure that, when invoked, executes COMMAND in the background.
exe-on-selection -- Return a procedure that runs COMMAND in the background on the X selection.
execute -- Execute COMMAND in the background.
execute-on-selection -- Run COMMAND in the background, with arguments supplied by the X selection.
execute-with-pidprop -- Execute COMMAND in the background and permit use of window-pid on its windows.
extreme -- Find extreme value e of PRED in LST.
filename-is-complete? -- Return true if FNAME is a fully qualified pathname.
filter -- Return a list of those elements of L for which PRED is true.
filter-list -- Like list, but ignore #f and unspecified values.
filter-map -- Process FIRST and the lists comprising REST as map would.
filter-only-except -- Return a filtered list of the elements from L.
find-file-in-path -- Search for file named FNAME in PATH.
find-window-by -- Return a window satisfying predicate PRED.
find-window-by-class-resource -- Return a window by its CLASS and RESOURCE names (as strings).
find-window-by-name -- Return a window with name WINDOW-NAME.
first-line-output-of-system-cmd -- Return the first line of output of command shell execution of CMD.
flash-selected-windows-on -- Make sure that the selected windows are marked as selected.
flash-window -- Flash WIN's titlebar and boundary color to COLOR for UNFLASH-DELAY seconds.
flash-window-on -- Flash WIN's titlebar and boundary color to COLOR indefinitely.
flatten -- Return LIST-OF-LISTS as a single flat list.
float->integer -- No documentation supplied.
focus-change-warp-pointer -- Deiconify, focus, raise, and warp-to WIN.
focus-last-mapped-window -- Focus and warp to the window that was mapped most recently.
focus-or-toggle-raise -- Focus on WIN if it does not have the focus, else toggle-raise WIN.
focus-stack-empty? -- Return #t iff the focus-stack is empty, else #f.
focus-to-register -- Save the currently-focused window to REGISTER.
focus-window -- Give WIN the keyboard input focus.
focus-window-with-pointer -- Set the focus to be the window containing the pointer.
focussable-window? -- Return #t iff WIN may receive the keyboard focus.
fold-menu-list -- Split ML into chained menus of no more than MAX-LINES items.
fold-menu-list-by-group -- Split ML-CONS into chained menus based on their group.
font-properties -- Return an association list giving some properties of FONT.
font-property -- Return the KEY property of FONT.
font? -- Returns #t if OBJ is a font object, otherwise #f.
for-all? -- Return true if PRED is true for all elements of L, otherwise false.
for-each-column -- No documentation supplied.
force-reset-window-frame! -- This redraws the window frame and decorations of WIN.
force-segv-for-testing -- Cause a segmentation violation.
frame-id->window -- Return the window object corresponding to a frame WINDOW-ID.
fvwm-exec -- Run COMMAND as fvwm would.
fvwm-exec-use-shell -- Use SHELL when emulating fvwm "EXEC" commands.
fvwm-nop -- No documentation supplied.
fvwm-pipe-read -- No documentation supplied.
fvwm2-pager-window -- Return a fvwm2 pager window, or #f if there is none.
gdk-draw-arc! -- Draw an arc on the root window.
gdk-draw-line! -- Draw a line on the root window.
gdk-draw-rectangle! -- Draw a rectangle on the root window.
gdk-drawing-get-drawable -- Returns the drawable object used to draw on the root window.
gdk-drawing-get-gc -- Returns the gc used to draw on the root window.
gdk-drawing-initialize -- Setup the draw functions for drawing onto the root window.
gdk-drawing-initialized? -- Returns whether or not the module has been initialized.
gdk-drawing-set-line-width! -- Set the width of the line to draw with.
get-fvwm2-module-config -- No documentation supplied.
get-input-hooks-list -- Return the input-hooks list.
get-key-event -- Return a represention of the next key event.
get-mouse-event -- Return a represention of the next mouse event.
get-next-event -- Return a represention of the next key or mouse event.
get-proplist-with-description -- Return a property list by parsing DESC in GNUstep proplist format.
get-proplist-with-path -- Return the proplist from path FILENAME.
get-register -- Return contents of Scwm register named REGISTER, or #f if none.
get-register-alist -- Return the register-alist.
get-register-name -- Prompt for a register name and return a corresponding symbol.
get-timer-hooks-list -- Return the timer-hooks list.
get-ui-constraint-class-by-name -- No documentation supplied.
get-window -- Retrieve the window context or select interactively.
get-window-colors -- Return a two-element list, '(fg bg), the colors for WIN.
get-window-highlight-colors -- Return a two-element list, '(fg bg), the highlight colors for WIN.
get-window-nonant -- SELECT-LIST is a list of (win x y), returns the nonant selected.
get-window-with-nonant -- Select a WINDOW and a NONANT, defaulting to the current window context.
get-window-with-nonant-interactively -- Interactively select a window and a nonant.
get-wm-command -- Get the "WM_COMMAND" X-Property of WIN and return that string.
get-x-cursor -- Return the cursor object corresponding to NAME-OR-NUMBER.
global-window-configuration -- Return an object abstracting all of the current windows' states.
global-window-configuration-to-register -- Save the global configuration of windows to REGISTER.
gnome-desktop-click -- Send a button-press N to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-click-1 -- Send a button-press 1 and button-release 1 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-click-2 -- Send a button-press 1 and button-release 2 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-click-3 -- Send a button-press 1 and button-release 3 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-menu -- Pop-up the gnome desktop menu.
gnome-desktop-press -- Send a button-press N to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-press-1 -- Send a button-press 1 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-press-2 -- Send a button-press 1 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-desktop-press-3 -- Send a button-press 1 to the gnome desktop manager.
gnome-install-window-styles -- Initialize various window styles for GNOME support.
gravity->alignments -- Return a list of two numeric alignments corresponding to a GRAVITY.
gravity->string -- Returns a string representation of the numerical GRAVITY.
group->windows -- Returns a list of windows belonging to GROUP.
group-window -- Returns a distinguished window of GROUP.
gtk-about -- No documentation supplied.
gtk-about-scwm -- No documentation supplied.
gtk-clist-get-row-values -- Return a list of the COL columns of row ROW of CLIST.
gtk-message -- It display a message on the display, using a gtk window
gtk-pixmap-new-search-scwm-path -- Return the new pixmap object as gtk-pixmap-new does, but search Scwm's image-load-path for it.
gtk-proc-selection-cancel-button -- Returns the cancel button from PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-proc-selection-clist-widget -- Returns the clist widgetfrom PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-proc-selection-get-procedure -- Returns the currently selected procedure from PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-proc-selection-get-procname -- Returns the currently selected procedure name from PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-proc-selection-new -- Returns a new procedure-selecting dialog box.
gtk-proc-selection-ok-button -- Returns the ok button from PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-proc-selection-toplevel-widget -- Returns the toplevel window widget from PROC-DIALOG.
gtk-register-info -- Display a table containing Scwm registers and their contents.
gtk-scrolled-window-set-hadjustment-value -- Set the hadjustment for SW, a scrolled window, to FLOAT.
gtk-scrolled-window-set-vadjustment-value -- Set the vadjustment for SW, a scrolled window, to FLOAT.
gtk-table-from-string -- No documentation supplied.
gtk-text-replace -- Replace all the text in TEXTWIDGET with TEXT.
gtk-window->scwm-window -- Return the Scwm window object corresponding to GTKWIN.
gui-set -- No documentation supplied.
half -- Return the closest integer to half of X.
handle-pending-events -- Handle all pending Scwm events, returns number of dispatched events.
has-overlay-plane? -- Return #t if the current screen has an overlay plane, #f otherwise.
help -- Print all possible documentation for string or symbol.
help-mesg -- No documentation supplied.
hex -- Return the integer that corresponds to string NUMBER as a hexadecimal value.
hide-overlay-plane -- Draw a box in the overlay plane.
hide-pager -- No documentation supplied.
hide-selected-nonants -- Hide nonant markers on window when they are selected.
hide-side-decorations -- Do not display the sidebar decorations for WIN.
hide-titlebar -- Cause WIN not to be decorated with a titlebar.
hide-titlebar-in-place -- Turn off display of the titlebar for WIN without moving the client window.
highlight-background -- Return the default background color for windows with the input focus.
highlight-current-window -- No documentation supplied.
highlight-factor -- Return the current highlight factor.
highlight-foreground -- Return the default foreground color for windows with the input focus.
hook-documentation -- Return the docstring for HOOK.
icon-font -- Return the font used for drawing icon titles.
icon-position -- Return the position of the icon for WIN.
icon-size -- Return the size of the icon for WIN.
icon-sticky? -- Return #t if WIN is "sticky", #f otherwise.
icon-title-match?? -- Return a predicate that tests a window's icon title.
icon-viewport-position -- Return the position of WIN's icon in pixels within the viewport.
iconified-window? -- Return #t if WIN is iconified, otherwise return #f.
iconify-group -- Iconify GROUP into one icon.
iconify-window -- Iconify WIN.
id->message-window -- Return the message-window of an X/11 window id (a long integer).
id->window -- Return the window object corresponding to an application WINDOW-ID.
ignore-dubious-modifiers? -- Return the status of the ignore-dubious-modifiers flag.
image->gtk-pixmap -- Return a gtk-pixmap widget for IMG for use in BUTTON.
image-name->cursor -- Make a cursor given only the NAME.
image-not-found-message -- Report a missing image filename, but do not error.
image-properties -- Return an association list giving some properties of IMAGE.
image-property -- Return the KEY property of IMAGE.
image-short-name -- Return the short name of IMAGE.
image-size -- Return the size of IMAGE as a list (width height).
image? -- Returns #t if OBJ is an image object, otherwise #f.
ImageMagick-loader -- Tries to load an arbitrary image using ImageMagick's convert.
in-viewport-any-desk? -- Return #t if WIN is in the current viewport ignoring the desk, else #f.
in-viewport-placement -- Return a procedure that takes a window and places it in viewport (XX, YY).
increment-in-range -- Return v+1 but no more than high.
increment-undo-index -- Increment the undo-index.
initial-place-window -- Pick a desk for WIN and return #t iff WIN should be placed.
initialize-pager -- Initialize the pager.
initialize-programs-that-exist -- Initializes the cache with programs that exist in the current $PATH.
initialize-ui-constraints-buttons -- No documentation supplied.
insert-undo-global -- Insert the global state into the undo list at undo-index.
insert-undo-state -- Insert STATE into the undo list at undo-index.
install-visibility-reporter -- Install procedures to print debugging messages on window visibility change events.
interactive-move -- Move WINDOW interactively and possibly opaquely.
interactive-move-group -- Move GROUP interactively.
interactive-move-rubberband -- Move interactively, using the rubberband (unless constraint solver is active.
interactive-move-selected-group-or-window -- Interactively move either the selected windows or the current window.
interactive-move-window-with-focus -- Interactively move the window which currently has the focus.
interactive-move-window-with-pointer -- Interactively move the window which currently contains the pointer.
interactive-place-window -- Interactively place WIN.
interactive-placement -- Return a procedure that takes a window and places it interactively.
interactive-procedure-apropos -- Returns a list of interactive procedures that match RGX.
interactive-procedure-apropos-with-modules -- Returns a list of procedures that match RGX and that can take no arguments.
interactive-resize -- Resize WINDOW interactively and possibly opaquely.
interactive-resize-rubberband -- Resize interactively, using the rubberband (unless constraint solver is active.
interactive-resize-window-with-focus -- Interactively resize the window which currently has the focus.
interactive-resize-window-with-pointer -- Interactively resize the window which currently contains the pointer.
interactive-set-window-gravity! -- Permit user to click on an area of a window and anchor that nonant.
interpret-as-procedure -- Return a procedure given its value, its symbol, or its name.
intersection-area -- Returns the size of the intersection of two rectangles.
invert-nonant -- Return the opposite nonant from NONANT.
iota -- Generate a list of the integers from 0 to N-1 in order.
is-mouse-event? -- Return #t iff EVENT is a mouse event.
jump-to-register -- Restore the state saved in REGISTER.
keep-above -- Keep W1 wholly above W2.
keep-adjacent-horizontal -- Keep W1's right edge aligned with W2's left edge.
keep-adjacent-vertical -- Keep W1's bottom edge aligned with W2's top edge.
keep-at-left-edge -- Keep W's left edge at the left edge of the desktop.
keep-at-right-edge -- Keep W's right edge at the right edge of the desktop.
keep-at-top-edge -- Keep W's top edge at the top edge of the desktop.
keep-bottoms-even -- Keep W1 and W2 aligned at the bottom.
keep-constant-size -- Keep W's size from changing.
keep-constant-width -- Keep W's width at WIDTH.
keep-full-height -- Keep W1 and W2 sum of heights equal to the display's height.
keep-full-width -- Keep W1 and W2 sum of widths equal to the display's width.
keep-left-at-v -- Keep W1's left at cl-variable V's pixel value.
keep-lefts-even -- Keep W1 and W2 aligned at the left.
keep-on-top -- Ensure that WIN is kept on top of all other windows.
keep-right-at-v -- Keep W1's right at cl-variable Vs pixel value.
keep-rights-even -- Keep W1 and W2 aligned at the right.
keep-to-left-of -- Keep W1 to the left of W2.
keep-top-at-v -- Keep W1's top at cl-variable V's pixel value.
keep-tops-even -- Keep W1 and W2 aligned at the top.
kept-on-top? -- Return #t if WIN is an on-top window, #f otherwise.
key-mouse-moves -- Bind four keys to move the mouse in compass directions by PCT-OF-SCREEN.
key-viewport-moves -- Bind four keys to move the viewport in compass directions by PCT-OF-SCREEN.
keycode->keysym -- Return a string containing the X11 keysym for key with code KEYCODE.
keymask->string -- Return a string representing KEYMASK.
keymask-keycode->string -- Return a string representing the key press with mask KEYMASK, code KEYCODE.
keysym->keycode -- Returns a list of X/11 keycodes that generate the keysym, KEYSYM-NAME.
kill-all-fvwm2-modules -- No documentation supplied.
kill-fvwm2-module -- No documentation supplied.
kill-fvwm2-modules-by-name -- No documentation supplied.
kill-pager -- No documentation supplied.
kwm-emulation-initialize -- No documentation supplied.
kwm-emulation-reset -- No documentation supplied.
kwm-send-window-list -- No documentation supplied.
last-mapped-window -- Return the window that was mapped most recently.
list-all-windows -- Return a list of all of the top-level window objects.
list-easyraise-windows -- No documentation supplied.
list-focus-order -- Return a list of all the top-level window objects in focus order.
list-index -- Return the integer position of OBJ in list L.
list-non-overlapping-windows -- Return a list of windows that do not overlap WIN.
list-of-windows? -- No documentation supplied.
list-overlapping-windows -- Return a list of windows that overlap WIN.
list-stacking-order -- Return a list of all non-iconified the top-level window objects, from top to bottom.
list-windows -- Return the list of windows matching ONLY and not matching EXCEPT.
list-windows-above -- List the windows above w from bottom to top.
list-windows-below -- List the windows below w from top to bottom.
list-without-elem -- Return the list L with element E deleted.
listify-if-atom -- Make L into a list if it is not.
load-cached-theme -- No documentation supplied.
load-imlib-image -- Load an image file using imlib identified by the pathname FULL-PATH.
load-preferences -- Load FILENAME to restore the Scwm preferences.
load-theme -- Returns a theme FNAME which is loaded from `*theme-path*'.
load-theme-image -- No documentation supplied.
load-xbm -- Load an X Bitmap file identified by the pathname FULL-PATH.
load-xpm -- Load an X Pixmap file identified by the pathname FULL-PATH.
logo-remove -- Remove the Scwm lambda startup logo.
logo-setup -- Setup to display the startup logo.
lookup-key -- Return the procedures bound to KEY within the CONTEXTS.
lookup-mouse -- Return the procedure bound to mouse BUTTON within the CONTEXTS.
lookup-procedure-bindings -- Return any bindings that invoke PROC in context CONTEXT.
lower-by-one -- Lower window W below the next window down that overlaps it.
lower-easyraise-windows -- 
lower-fvwm2-pager -- Lower a fvwm2 pager window in the stacking order.
lower-group -- Raise members of GROUP above all other windows.
lower-window -- Lower WIN to the bottom of the window stack.
lower-window-below -- Restack window W immediately below W2.
make-all-submenus -- No documentation supplied.
make-color -- Return the color object corresponding to the X color specifier CNAME.
make-conditional-style -- No documentation supplied.
make-context-menu -- Create a menu of actions applicable to the filename in the X selection.
make-debianapps-menu -- Read menu-file and return a menu object.
make-decor -- Create a new decor object.
make-face -- Create a new face.
make-file-menu -- Return a menu-object for viewing or editing FILE.
make-font -- Return the font object for the X font specifier FNAME.
make-hosts-menu -- Create a telnet menu.
make-image -- Loads an image from the file NAME.
make-image-or-warn -- Return an image object for FILENAME and report a warning if it fails.
make-keep-winclass-centered -- Return a procedure that keeps windows of CLASS centered in the viewport.
make-list -- Return a list containing N elements equal to the optional second argument.
make-menu -- Make and return a menu object from the given arguments.
make-menu-another-level -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-focus-options -- Create a menu of focus options for WIN.
make-menu-from-list-of-structured-directories -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-from-structured-directory -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-global-theme -- Return a menu that lets the user set the theme for all windows.
make-menu-gnome-system -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-gnome-user -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-kde -- No documentation supplied.
make-menu-window-theme -- Return a menu that lets the user set the theme for a single window.
make-menuitem -- Return a newly created menuitem object using the given arguments.
make-menuitems-from-menu-information-list -- Return a list of menu-items from a list of detailed programs list.
make-message-window -- Returns a newly created message window object with string MESSAGE.
make-message-window-clone-default -- Return a new message window that has the default style.
make-message-window-win-copy -- Return a message window with a background that is a copy of the image in WIN.
make-message-window-with-image -- Return a new message window with IMG as a background, sized appropriately.
make-relief-color -- Convert a color into a new color appropriate for a relief.
make-reversed-color -- Return a new color that is opposite COLOR.
make-rhosts-menu -- Returns a menu which lets you rlogin to each host mentioned in your .
make-small-window-ops-menu -- Return a short menu of window operations for window W.
make-string-usable-for-resource-key -- Return a converted string from STRING that can be used as an X resource key.
make-style -- No documentation supplied.
make-theme -- Creates a theme object with the given NAME, WINDOW-STYLE, and BACKGROUND-STYLE.
make-toggling-winop -- Returns a procedure which takes a window WIN and toggles a property of it.
make-ui-constraint -- UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS specified the type of constraint to be created.
make-ui-constraint-class -- Creates a new ui-constraint-class object.
make-ui-constraint-interactively -- Uses the UI constructor of the constraint class to prompt the user to
make-window-group-menu -- Return a menu for window group operations.
make-window-list-menu -- Popup a window list menu and permit a selection to be made.
make-window-style-menu -- Offer a choice to style the window, like named windows, or a whole class.
make-wmconfig-menu -- Return a menu object for the window-manager configuration menu.
make-X-geometry -- No documentation supplied.
make-xlock-menu -- Create an xlock menu.
map-in-order -- Process FIRST and the lists comprising REST as map would.
marshal-fvwm2-config-info -- Constructs a fvwm2 BroadcastInfo module packet.
marshal-fvwm2-iconify-info -- Constructs a fvwm2 "M_ICONIFY" module packet.
mask->keycodes -- Return a list of keycodes corresponding to keys that generate the modifiers in MASK.
maximize -- Maximize WIN to new pixel width NW and new pixel height NH.
maximize-both -- Maximize WIN both horizontally and vertically.
maximize-horizontal -- Maximize WIN horizontally.
maximize-vertical -- Maximize WIN vertically.
maximized? -- Return #t if WIN is maximized, #f otherwise.
maybe-make-color -- Try to make OBJ into a color and return that color object.
menu -- Return a menu object with the given attributes.
menu-highlight-colors -- Return list text-color, bg-color, the highlight colors for MENU.
menu-highlight-factor -- Return the current menu highlight factor.
menu-highlight-relief? -- Return #t if MENU's selected item is relieved, #f otherwise.
menu-hotkeys-activate-item? -- Return #t if hotkeys invoke item, #f if they just select the item.
menu-hover-delay -- Return MENU's hover action delay.
menu-look? -- Return #t if OBJ is a menulook object, #f otherwise.
menu-max-fold-lines -- Return an approximation of the number of menuitems that will fit vertically on screen.
menu-popup-delay -- Return MENU's submenu popup delay.
menu-prefs -- Generate the Preferences menu.
menu-properties -- Returns the a list of the menu properties of MENU, a menu object.
menu-shadow-factor -- Return the current menu shadow factor.
menu-style -- Set various properites for the menus.
menu-title -- Return a menuitem object that is a title.
menu? -- Return #t if and only if OBJ is a menu object.
menuitem -- Return a menuitem object with the given attributes.
menuitem->scwm-gtk-menuitem -- No documentation supplied.
menuitem-colors -- Returns a list of the fg and bg colors for MENUITEM.
menuitem-font -- Returns the font of MENUITEM.
menuitem-properties -- Return a list of the properties of the given MENU-ITEM.
menuitem? -- Return #t if and only if OBJ is a menu item object.
message -- Display the string arguments STR in a message window.
message-window-colors -- Returns the colors that the message window MWN is displayed with.
message-window-copy-style! -- Copy the visual style of MSGWIN-SOURCE to the style for MSGWIN.
message-window-font -- Returns the font that the message window MWN uses for displaying text.
message-window-hide! -- Hide the message window MWN.
message-window-id -- Returns the X11 id of message window MWN.
message-window-image -- Returns the image that message window MWN displays.
message-window-message -- Returns the message that message window MWN displays.
message-window-options -- Allow specification of message-window behavior for standard actions.
message-window-position -- Returns the position that message window MWN is/will be displayed at.
message-window-relief? -- Returns the relief setting for the message window MWN.
message-window-set-colors! -- Set the fore- and background colors to be used for the message window MWN.
message-window-set-font! -- Set the font to be used for the message window MWN.
message-window-set-image! -- Changes the background image for the message window MWN to IMAGE.
message-window-set-message! -- Changes the message displayed by the message window MWN.
message-window-set-position! -- Set the position to be used for the message window MWN.
message-window-set-relief! -- Sets the relief for the window MWN.
message-window-set-size! -- Set the size of message window MWN to WIDTH pixels by HEIGHT pixels.
message-window-show! -- Displays the message window MWN on the screen.
message-window-size -- Returns the size of message window MWN in pixels.
message-window-style -- Set visual style of MSGWIN.
message-window-visible? -- Return #t if the message window MWN is visible, #f otherwise.
message-window? -- Returns #t if MWN is a msgwindow object, otherwise #f.
mod-desk-size! -- Modify the current desktop size by the given parameter.
mod-mask-alt -- Return the bit-mask for the Alt modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-control -- Return the bit-mask for the Control modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-hyper -- Return the bit-mask for the Hyper modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-meta -- Return the bit-mask for the Meta modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-numlock -- Return the bit-mask for the NumLock modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-scrolllock -- Return the bit-mask for the ScrollLock modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-shift -- Return the bit-mask for the Shift modifier key, or #f.
mod-mask-super -- Return the bit-mask for the Super modifier key, or #f.
module-and-proc-names->proc -- Return the procedure named PROC-NAME from module named MODULE-NAME.
module-event-name-from-number -- Return the string module event name for event number NUM.
mouse-event-type -- Return a symbol corresponding to the type of the most recent mouse event.
mouse-focus-click-raises? -- Returns a boolean value indicating whether a mouse-focus-click will raise the window.
move-after-deleting-constraints -- Move WIN after deleting all constraints that involve it.
move-after-deleting-inferred-constraints -- Move WIN after deleting all inferred constraints that involve it.
move-group -- Move GROUP to virtual coordinates X, Y.
move-group-relative -- Move all members of GROUP by DX, DY pixels.
move-group-to-desk -- Move all members of GROUP to DESK.
move-inside-aligned-viewport -- Ensure that WIN is entirely inside the XX, YY viewport if possible.
move-inside-current-viewport -- Ensure that WIN is entirely inside the current viewport, if possible.
move-inside-own-viewport -- Ensure that WIN is entirely inside the closest viewport to its center.
move-inside-viewport -- Ensure that WIN is entirely inside the X, Y viewport if possible.
move-nonsticky-windows-relative -- Move all windows right X, down Y pixels.
move-pointer -- Move the X11 pointer X pixels to the right, and Y pixels down.
move-pointer-to -- Move the mouse pointer to viewport coordinates SX, SY.
move-to-viewport -- Move to the viewport numbered (XX,YY).
move-viewport -- Move the viewport onto the virtual desktop relatively.
move-window -- Move WIN to virtual coordinates X, Y.
move-window-relative -- Move WIN X, Y pixels from where it is currently.
move-window-to-desk -- Move WIN to DESK.
move-window-to-viewport -- Move WIN to the viewport numbered (XX,YY).
move-window-viewport-position -- Move WIN to viewport position X, Y.
msec->usec -- Convert MSEC milliseconds into an equivalent number of microseconds.
mwm-decorations->string -- Converts the MWM decoration flags into a readable form.
mwm-functions->string -- Converts the MWM function flags into a readable form.
near-window-placement -- Return a procedure that places a window near the window returned by WINDOW-GETTER.
nearest-aligned-viewport -- Compute the nearest valid integral viewport position to POS.
netpbm-loader -- Tries to load an arbitrary image using the netpbm packge.
netscape-application-menu -- No documentation supplied.
netscape-av-search -- Use Netscape to do an AltaVista search for WORD.
netscape-av-search-selection-url -- Use Netscape to do a AltaVista search of the selection, SELECTION.
netscape-bookmark-search -- Prompt for a string, and popup a list of matching netscape bookmarks.
netscape-download-closed-action -- Execute the closed action for WIN, a netscape download window.
netscape-google-search -- Use Netscape to do a google search for WORD.
netscape-google-search-cut-buffer -- Use Netscape to do a Google search of the X-cut-buffer-string.
netscape-google-search-selection-url -- Use Netscape to do a Google search of the selection, SELECTION.
netscape-goto-cut-buffer-url -- Goto the url that is held in the X11 cut buffer.
netscape-goto-selection-url -- Goto the url that is held in the X11 selection, SELECTION.
netscape-goto-url -- Make netscape go to the location URL.
netscape-metacrawler-search -- Use Netscape to do a Metacrawler search for WORD.
netscape-metacrawler-search-selection-url -- Use Netscape to do a Metacrawler search of the selection, SELECTION.
netscape-new-window -- No documentation supplied.
netscape-win -- Return a netscape window, prefer a visible netscape window.
netscape-window-not-focussed -- Return #t iff the currently focussed window is a netscape frame.
next-visible-non-iconified-window -- Switch focus to the next visible and not iconified window.
next-window -- Switch to the next matching window.
nonant->dirvector -- No documentation supplied.
nonant->gravity -- Return a gravity symbol given NONANT in [0,8].
nonant->string -- Return the brief string name for NONANT, an integer.
nonant-decoration -- Return the window id numbers of the decoration for WIN corresponding to NONANT.
nonant-highlight-color -- Return the color used for highlighting nonants.
normal-border -- Cause WIN to be decorated with a normal border.
not-focussed-for? -- No documentation supplied.
not-menu-background -- Return the default background color for icons, window frames, etc.
not-menu-foreground -- Return the default foreground color for icons, titlebars, etc.
null-place-window -- This is simplest, fallback placement procedure for windows.
number->hex-string -- A convenience wrapper around `number->string' that returns N in base-16.
number-in-base -- Return the integer that corresponds to string NUMBER in base BASE.
number-of-mouse-buttons -- Return the number of mouse buttons of the current mouse.
object-documentation -- Return documentation attached to SYM or to (eval SYM).
oct -- Return the integer that corresponds to string NUMBER as an octal value.
on-current-desk? -- Return #t if WIN is on the current desk.
on-desk-n? -- Returns a function which takes WIN and returns #t if WIN is on desk N, else #f.
on-desk-placement -- Return a procedure that takes a window and places it on DESK.
on-desk? -- Return #t if WIN is on desk N, else #f.
one-window-prompter -- No documentation supplied.
opaque-move -- Move WIN interactively, opaquely.
opaque-resize -- Resize WIN interactively, opaquely.
option-menu -- No documentation supplied.
option-widget-and-getter -- No documentation supplied.
or-map -- Apply PROC repeatedly, returning the first true value.
output-of-system-cmd -- Return the output of command shell execution of CMD.
pair-virtual->viewport -- Convert a pair point from virtual to viewport coordinates.
paste-window-title-from-cut-buffer -- Set the window title of WINDOW to be the string in the X cut buffer.
path-list->string-with-colons -- Convert L, a list of string directory names, to a single colon-separated string.
percent-visible -- Return the percent of WIN currently in the viewport as a real in [0,100].
pix->%x -- Return the percent of the display width that PIX is.
pix->%y -- Return the percent of the display height that PIX is.
place-at-center -- Place window in the center of the current viewport.
place-at-point -- Place WIN at the pointer position.
place-in-viewport -- Move WIN to the (XX, YY) viewport.
place-interactively -- Place WIN interactively.
place-nonant-marker -- Place a nonant marker on W.
place-on-default-desk -- Place WIN on a desk according to the default algorithm.
place-on-desk -- Move window WIN to desk DESK.
plain-border -- Cause WIN to be decorated with a plain border.
pointer-position -- Return the current position of the mouse pointer in pixels.
pop-focus-window -- Restore the focus to the window on the top of the focus-stack.
pop-window-configuration -- Restore the last configuration of WIN that was saved on its stack of previous configurations.
popup-docs-for -- No documentation supplied.
popup-menu -- Popup MENU, a menu object, and warp to the item WARP-TO-INDEX if it is a number.
popup-menu-from-decoration -- Popup MENU from WIN's decoration numbered BUTTON-NUMBER.
popup-option-menu -- No documentation supplied.
popup-register-winlist -- Popup a menu displaying all the windows that stored in registers.
popup-ui-constraints-toggle-menu -- Popup a menu that can be used to turn added constraints on and off.
popup-window-group-menu -- Popup the window group menu.
popup-window-group-menu-no-warp -- Popup the window group menu without warping to the first menu item.
position-message-window! -- Move the move/resize message window's GRAVITY point to (X,Y).
prev-visible-non-iconified-window -- Switch focus to the previous visible and not iconified window.
prev-window -- Circulate to the previous matching window.
printable-char->keysym-string -- Return the keysym string corresponding to a printable character.
proc-doc -- Return documentation for PROC.
procedure->bindings-description -- No documentation supplied.
procedure->string -- No documentation supplied.
procedure-apropos -- Returns a list of procedures that match RGX.
procedure-apropos-with-modules -- Returns a list of procedures that match RGX along with defined-in modules.
procedure-arity -- Return the arity values for PROC.
procedure-formals -- Return a list of the formal arguments for PROC.
procedure-interactive-spec -- No documentation supplied.
procedure-is-interactive? -- Return #t iff PROC is interactive.
procedure-keyword-formals -- Returns an a-list of the optargs keyword arguments and default values for PROC.
procedure-num-optional-args -- Return the number of optional arguments for PROC.
procedure-num-required-args -- Return the number of required arguments for PROC.
procedure-optargs-arglist -- Return a list of the optargs keyword arguments for PROC.
procedure-optional-formals -- Returns a list of the optional arguments for PROC.
procedure-required-formals -- Return a list of the required formal arguments for PROC.
procedure-string->procedure -- Return a procedure given its name.
procedure-takes-rest-arg? -- Return #t iff PROC take a rest argument.
process-use-scwm-modules -- Returns a list of all the modules loaded in successfully.
program-exists? -- Return #t iff PROGRAM-NAME is in the current $PATH or is a path to an executable.
prompt-binding -- No documentation supplied.
prompt-binding-vbox -- No documentation supplied.
prompt-bool -- Prompt with PROMPT for a boolean value, and call PROC with result if Ok button is clicked.
prompt-bool-hbox -- Create and return a boolean-prompting hbox and button.
prompt-color -- Prompt using PROMPT for a color and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-color-hbox -- Create and return a color-prompting hbox, complete with link to full color dialog.
prompt-enum -- Prompt with PROMPT for one of CHOICES, and call PROC with result.
prompt-enum-hbox -- Create and return an enum-prompting hbox and button.
prompt-file -- Prompt using PROMPT for a file and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-file-hbox -- Create and return a file-prompting hbox, complete with link to full file dialog.
prompt-font -- Prompt using PROMPT for a font and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-font-hbox -- Create and return a font-prompting hbox, complete with link to full font dialog.
prompt-from-symbol -- Return a string prompt that is appropriate for the option symbol SYM.
prompt-integer-range -- Prompt using PROMPT for an integer value in RANGE, and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-integer-range-hbox -- Create and return an integer-range-prompting hbox and scale, label.
prompt-path-hbox -- Create and return a path-prompting hbox and entry.
prompt-proc -- Prompt using PROMPT for a proc and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-proc-hbox -- Create and return a proc-prompting hbox, complete with link to full proc dialog.
prompt-range -- Prompt using PROMPT for a numeric value in RANGE, and call PROC with value if Ok is clicked.
prompt-range-hbox -- Create and return a range-prompting hbox and scale, label.
prompt-string -- Use PROMPT as prompt in text entry widget and call PROC with the entered string.
prompt-string-hbox -- Create and return a string-prompting hbox and entry.
prompting-shell -- Create a GTk+ shell window and return a procedure that closes it.
propagate-selection-to-cut-buffer -- Make the cut-buffer contain the current selection.
property-changed-debug -- Print debugging information about the property change of PROP on WIN.
property-changed-respond -- Handle various property changes of PROP on WIN.
proplist-append-array-element -- Return the PL-ARRAY after appending ITEM to the end.
proplist-deep-copy -- Return a deep copy of property list PL.
proplist-delete-domain -- Delete domain PL-DOMAIN-NAME.
proplist-get-all-dictionary-keys -- Return a proplist array object that contains all the keys of PL-DICT.
proplist-get-array-element -- Return the element at INDEX offset of PL.
proplist-get-container -- Return the array or dictionary of which PL is an element.
proplist-get-data -- Returns the raw data from PL (a data proplist object) as a string.
proplist-get-data-description -- Returns a description of PL (a data proplist object) in GNUstep format.
proplist-get-dictionary-entry -- Return the proplist dictionary entry associated with entry KEY in PL-DICT.
proplist-get-domain -- Return a property list represeting the domain PL-DOMAIN-NAME.
proplist-get-domainnames -- Return a array proplist containing all registered domain names.
proplist-get-filename -- Return the filename of PL.
proplist-get-number-of-elements -- Return the number of elements in PL.
proplist-get-string -- Returns the string from PL (a string proplist object).
proplist-get-string-description -- Retuns a description of PL (a string proplist object) in GNUstep format.
proplist-insert-array-element -- Return the PL-ARRAY after inserting ITEM at offset INDEX.
proplist-insert-dictionary-entry -- Return PL-DICT after inserting (KEY,VALUE) into it.
proplist-is-array -- Return #t iff PL is an array proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-is-compound -- Return #t iff PL is a dictionary or array proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-is-data -- Return #t iff PL is a data proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-is-dictionary -- Return #t iff PL is a dictionary proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-is-equal -- Return #t iff PLA is equal to PLB.
proplist-is-simple -- Return #t iff PL is a string or data proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-is-string -- Return #t iff PL is a string proplist object, #f otherwise.
proplist-make-array-from-elements -- Return a newly created array object populated with elements ITEMS.
proplist-make-data -- Return a proplist argument containing arbitrary data from DATA.
proplist-make-dictionary-from-entries -- Return a newly created dictionary object with elements ITEMS.
proplist-merge-dictionaries -- Return PL-DICT-DEST after merging in all entries from PL-DICT-SOURCE.
proplist-register -- Register thunk CALLBACK to be called when PL-DOMAIN-NAME changes.
proplist-remove-array-element -- Return PL-ARRAY after deleting the element at position INDEX.
proplist-remove-dictionary-entry -- Return PL-DICT after removing KEY and its corresponding value from it.
proplist-save -- Save PL, atomically if ATOMICALLY? is #t.
proplist-set-domain -- Set PL-DOMAIN-NAME to have VALUE.
proplist-set-filename! -- Set the filename for PL to be FILENAME.
proplist-set-string-cmp-hook -- Use PRED as a predicate for doing proplist string comparisons.
proplist-shallow-copy -- Return a shallow copy of property list PL.
proplist-synchronize -- Synchronize the in-memory proplist PL with the disk contents.
proplist-unregister -- No longer invoke callback when domain associated with PL-DOMAIN-NAME is changed.
publish-scwm-evaluator-servant -- Publish the scwm-evaluator-servant by putting its IOR as a property on the root window.
push-focus-window -- Save the current focus window on a stack.
push-undo-global -- Push the global state onto the undo list.
push-undo-state -- Push STATE onto the undo list.
push-window-configuration -- Save the configuration of WIN on its stack of previous configurations.
put-string-in-palm-clipboard -- No documentation supplied.
quote-key-event -- Quote the next key event and let it pass to the application.
quote-key-events? -- Return #t iff key events are being qutoed.
quote-mouse-event -- Quote the next mouse event and let it pass to the application.
quote-next-event -- Quote the next mouse or keyboard event and let it pass to the application.
quotify-single-quotes -- Return a string that has single quote characters backslashified.
raise-and-stop-flashing -- Turn off window flashing of WIN and raise it.
raise-by-one -- Raise window W above the next window up that overlaps it.
raise-easyraise-windows -- 
raise-fvwm2-pager -- Raise a fvwm2 pager window in the stacking order.
raise-group -- Raise members of GROUP above all other windows.
raise-window -- Raise WIN to the top of the window stack.
raise-window-above -- Restack window W immediately above W2.
raised? -- Return #t if WIN is currently raised, #f if not.
random-place-window -- Places WIN just as if being placed by fvwm2's RandomPlacement.
raw-binding->key-descriptor -- No documentation supplied.
raw-binding->string -- No documentation supplied.
re-place-window -- Reposition WIN by re-placing it using PROC.
read-and-append-to -- Read in the lines from port P and return them.
read-until-eof -- Return all the text from input port IN until eof.
really-draw-pager -- No documentation supplied.
recapture -- Recapture all the windows.
rectangle-overlap? -- Returns #t iff the two specified rectangles overlap.
redo -- Redo the last undone operation.
redo-all-passive-grabs -- Re-instate all passive grabs of keys and buttons of bindings.
redo-passive-grab -- Re-instate the passive grab of KEYCODE-OR-BUTNUM with MODMASK on all windows.
reduce -- Repeatedly apply PROC to a current value and a member of L.
refresh -- Make sure all windows and their decorations are up to date.
refresh-window -- Refresh the decorations on window WIN.
register-fvwm2-module-config -- No documentation supplied.
register-image-loader -- Register PROC as the loader to use for images ending in EXTENSION.
register-type-mapping -- No documentation supplied.
register-type-mapping-string -- No documentation supplied.
register-value-type -- No documentation supplied.
remove-input-hook! -- Remove an input hook identified by HANDLE.
remove-motion-handler! -- No longer call PROC on XMotionEvents.
remove-nonant-marker -- Remove a nonant marker from W.
remove-suffix -- Return STR with trailing SUFFIX removed if it exists.
remove-timer-hook! -- Remove a timer hook identified by HANDLE.
rename-window-interactively -- Prompt for a new name for WIN and change its title.
repeat -- Builds a list of repeating values.
replace-proxies-with-windows -- No documentation supplied.
report-scwm-usage -- Log your usage of scwm to a central host.
reset-background! -- Resets the root window to the default "weave".
reset-buttons! -- Resets button numbers.
reset-constraints -- Reset the constraint solving system.
reset-input-hook! -- Remove all procedures from the input hook.
reset-motion-handlers! -- Call no procedures on XMotionEvents.
reset-on-segv -- Return the number of segv signals Scwm will reset on.
reset-scwmexec-protocol -- Reset the scwmexec protocol.
reset-timer-hook! -- Remove all timer-hook procedures.
reset-ui-constraint-classes! -- Empty the global list of ui-constraint-classes.
reset-undo! -- Reset the undo system.
resize-frame -- Resize WIN to a size of W by H in pixels.
resize-fullscreen -- Resize the current window with the pointer to 90% of the full screen size.
resize-halfscreen -- Resize the current window with the pointer to full height and half the screen size in width.
resize-quarterscreen -- Resize the current window with the pointer to 1/4 of the screen.
resize-window -- Resize WIN's client area to a size of W by H in pixels.
resize-xdvi-full-page-100% -- Resize an Xdvi window to be full-page, 100%.
resource-match?? -- Return a predicate that tests a window's resource instance.
restack-windows -- Restack the windows in WINLIST from front to back.
restart -- Restart the window manager.
restarted? -- Returns true if scwm is being restarted by itself.
restore-global-window-configuration -- Restore the states of all windows from GLOBAL-CONFIGURATION.
restore-scwm-handlers -- Restore the scwm behavior for signals and for X errors.
restore-window-configuration -- Restore the state of WIN from GLOBAL-CONFIGURATION.
reverse-iota -- Generate a list of the integers from N-1 to 0 in order.
rgb-colors -- Read in the rgb-colors database.
round/ -- Return the closest integer to X divided by Y.
rubber-band-move -- Move WIN interactively, using a rubber band frame.
rubber-band-resize -- Resize WIN interactively, using a rubber band frame.
run-dot-xclients-at-startup -- After done reading your startup file, run your ~/.
run-dot-xclients-script -- Runs the ~/.
run-fvwm2-module -- No documentation supplied.
run-in-netscape -- Runs COMMAND in a Netscape window, calling COMPLETION when done, if set.
run-in-xterm -- Return a procedure that runs CMD in an xterm.
run-ScwmButtons -- Start a ScwmButtons window giving a simple toolbar button/action interface.
run-ScwmClock -- Start a ScwmClock window display.
run-ScwmDeskButtons -- Start a ScwmDeskButtons toolbar interface.
safe-load -- Load file FNAME while trapping and displaying errors.
save-preferences -- Save the current Scwm preferences to FILENAME.
save-settings -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-gdk-X-fdes -- Return the integer connection number of the gdk_display.
scwm-group-docstring -- Return the prettified name for group SYM.
scwm-group-icon -- Return the icon for group SYM.
scwm-group-name -- Return the prettified name for group SYM.
scwm-group-properties -- Return the group properties for group SYM.
scwm-gtk-menu -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-gtk-menu-title -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-gtk-menuitem -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-gtk-popup-menu -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-gtk-sync -- Dispatch all pending gtk-events.
scwm-is-constraint-enabled? -- Return #t if scwm has the constraint solver primitives, #f otherwise.
scwm-last-timestamp -- Return the timestamp of the last event Scwm handled.
scwm-module-loaded? -- Return #t iff MODULE has been loaded.
scwm-option-documentation -- Return the documentation for SYM.
scwm-option-favorites -- Return the favorites for SYM.
scwm-option-getter -- Return the getter for SYM.
scwm-option-group -- Return the group for SYM.
scwm-option-layout-hint -- Return the permit-disable flag for SYM.
scwm-option-module -- Return the module in which option SYM was defined.
scwm-option-name -- Return the name of SYM.
scwm-option-permit-disable -- Return the permit-disable flag for SYM.
scwm-option-range -- Return the range for SYM.
scwm-option-setter -- Return the setter for SYM.
scwm-option-short-documentation -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-option-symget -- Get option SYM's value.
scwm-option-symset! -- Set option SYM to VALUE.
scwm-option-type -- Return the type for SYM.
scwm-options-dialog -- Popup a scwm options dialog box.
scwm-options-listbook -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-options-menu -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-options-notebook -- No documentation supplied.
scwm-options-string -- Return a string that, when evalled, resets preferences to current values.
scwm-options-vbox-page -- Popup a scwm options dialog box.
scwm-path-exec-prefix -- Return the $EXEC_PREFIX directory path that scwm was installed with.
scwm-path-prefix -- Return the $PREFIX directory path that scwm was installed with.
scwm-quit -- Exit scwm cleanly.
scwm-run-test-hook-0 -- Invoke scwm-test-hook-0 COUNT times.
scwm-run-test-hook-1 -- Invoke scwm-test-hook-1 COUNT times with ARG as the single argument.
scwm-system -- Run CMD using /bin/sh -c CMD and return a list: (exit-status child-pid).
scwm-version -- Return the version of scwm running.
scwm-version-date -- Return the date that the running scwm was last changed as a string.
sec->msec -- Convert SEC seconds into an equivalent number of milliseconds.
sec->usec -- Convert SEC seconds into an equivalent number of microseconds.
select-matching-windows -- Select windows for which predicate PROC returns #t.
select-multiple-windows-interactively -- Return a list of user-selected windows, up to MAX.
select-viewport-position -- Select a viewport position and return the window there.
select-window -- Select a window interactively, and return the specified window.
select-window-add -- Select a single window, highlight it, and add it to the selected-windows-list.
select-window-from-window-list -- Permit selecting a window from a window list.
select-window-group -- Prompt for multiple windows and return the list of selected windows.
select-window-interactively -- Return an interactively-selected window after prompting (optionally) with MSG.
select-window-remove -- Unselect a single window, de-highlight it, and remove it from the selected-windows-list.
select-window-toggle -- Toggle the selectedness of W.
selected-windows-list -- Returns the list of windows selected by select-window-interactively-and-highlight.
selected-windows-to-register -- Save the current set of selected windows to REGISTER.
send-button -- Send a synthetic mouse button/release event.
send-button-1 -- Send a mouse-1 button press and release event.
send-button-2 -- Send a mouse-2 button press and release event.
send-button-3 -- Send a mouse-3 button press and release event.
send-client-message -- Send WIN the message "ATOM DATA".
send-key -- Send a synthetic press/release of KEY.
send-key-press-down -- Send a synthetic "Down" keypress.
send-key-press-next -- Send a synthetic "Next" keypress.
send-key-press-prior -- Send a synthetic "Prior" keypress.
send-key-press-up -- Send a synthetic "Up" keypress.
set-*-procedure-properties -- Add the ARGLIST and INTERACTIVE-SPEC properties to procedure PROC.
set-animation! -- Set the animation parameters to VECTOR.
set-auto-raise! -- Turn auto-raise on (#t) or off (#f) for WIN.
set-auto-raise-delay! -- Set the auto-raise delay to DELAY (in ms) for WIN.
set-auto-raise-focus-proc! -- Set the auto-raise-focus-proc for WIN.
set-auto-raise-unfocus-delay! -- Set the timeout to DELAY (in ms) for the unfocus-proc of WIN.
set-auto-raise-unfocus-proc! -- Set the auto-raise-unfocus-proc for WIN.
set-auto-unobscure! -- Turn auto-unobscure on (#t) or off (#f) for WIN.
set-auto-unobscure-proc! -- Set the auto-unobscure-proc for WIN.
set-background-color! -- Sets the color of the root window to COLOR.
set-background-image! -- Sets the background of the root window to be IMAGE.
set-border-face! -- Set the face for the border In the current decor.
set-border-width! -- Set the border width of WIN's border to WIDTH pixels.
set-button-face! -- Set the button faces for the various window states.
set-button-mwm-flag! -- Specify the Mwm flag for BUTTON.
set-click-delay! -- Set the delay used in identifying mouse clicks and drags.
set-click-to-focus-passes-click! -- Determine whether a click-to-focus window receives the click.
set-click-to-focus-raises! -- Determine whether a click to focus raises the clicked-on window.
set-colormap-focus! -- Set the colormap focus policy to FTYPE.
set-current-decor! -- Set the current decor to DECOR.
set-current-desk! -- Change the current desk to DESK.
set-decorate-transient! -- Set decoration of transients property on WIN.
set-default-menu-background! -- Set the default background for menus to BG.
set-default-menu-bg-image! -- Set the default menu background image to IMAGE.
set-default-menu-font! -- Set the default font for menu text to FONT.
set-default-menu-foreground! -- Set the default color for menu text to FG.
set-default-menu-hl-bg-color! -- Set the default menu highlight background color to BG.
set-default-menu-hl-fg-color! -- Set the default menu highlight foreground color to FG.
set-default-menu-look! -- Set the default menu look to LOOK.
set-default-menu-side-background! -- Set the default background for the menu side image to BG.
set-default-menu-side-image! -- Set the default menu side image to IMAGE.
set-default-menu-stipple! -- Set the default color for stippled (inactive) menu text to STIPPLE.
set-default-menu-title-font! -- Set the default font for menu title text to FONT.
set-desk-size! -- Sets the desk size to WIDTH, HEIGHT.
set-easyraise-window! -- 
set-edge-move-threshold! -- Set the edge move threshold to PIXELS.
set-edge-resistance! -- Set the edge scroll delay to S, and the edge move threshold to M.
set-edge-scroll! -- Set the edge scroll values to X and Y, respectively.
set-edge-scroll-delay! -- Set the edge scroll delay to MS milliseconds.
set-edge-wrap! -- Set the edge x and y wrap values to X and Y, respectively.
set-edge-x-scroll! -- Set the horizontal edge scroll increment to PIXELS.
set-edge-x-wrap! -- Set whether to wrap pointer around horizontal edges.
set-edge-y-scroll! -- Set the vertical edge scroll increment to PIXELS.
set-edge-y-wrap! -- Set whether to wrap pointer around vertical edges.
set-face-flag! -- Set the given FLAG to the given FLAGVAL for face FACE.
set-force-icon! -- Set the window-manager-overriding property for WIN to boolean FLAG.
set-handle-segv! -- If FLAG, tell Scwm to catch segv signals.
set-highlight-background! -- Use BG as the background color for a window with the input focus.
set-highlight-colors! -- Set the highlight window's background color to BG, foreground color to FG.
set-highlight-factor! -- Use FACTOR to generate highlight colors for the current decor.
set-highlight-foreground! -- Use FG for the foreground color of a window with the input focus.
set-hint-override! -- Set whether or not Mwm and Open Look function hints are used.
set-hover-focus! -- Turn hover-focus on (#t) or off (#f) for WIN.
set-hover-focus-delay! -- Set the hover-focus delay to DELAY (in ms) for WIN.
set-icon! -- Set the image to use for the icon of WIN to IMAGE.
set-icon-box! -- Set the icon box in which WIN's icon will be placed.
set-icon-font! -- Set the font used for drawing icon titles to FONT.
set-icon-title! -- Set the visibility of WIN's icon title according to FLAG.
set-ignore-dubious-modifiers! -- If FLAG is #t, ignore scoll/num/lock modifiers on all bindings made.
set-left-button-face! -- Set the button face for the left-button numbered BUTTON.
set-lenience! -- Set or reset the input focus lenience flag.
set-load-processing-frequency! -- Invoke hooks on load-processing-hook every NUM-LINES lines.
set-markwin-offset! -- No documentation supplied.
set-menu-background-picture! -- Use PICTURE as the background image for MENU.
set-menu-colors! -- Use TEXT-COLOR and BG-COLOR as the colors for MENU.
set-menu-extra-options! -- Set MENU's extra options to OPTIONS.
set-menu-font! -- Use FONT as the font for MENU.
set-menu-highlight-colors! -- Use TEXT-COLOR and BG-COLOR as the highlight colors for MENU.
set-menu-highlight-factor! -- Use FACTOR to generate highlight colors for menus.
set-menu-highlight-relief! -- If HIGHLIGHT-RELIEF? is #t, then draw a relief on selected items in MENU.
set-menu-hotkeys-activate-item! -- If ACTIVATE? is #t, let menu hotkeys invoke the item.
set-menu-hover-delay! -- Set MENU's hover delay to HOVER-DELAY.
set-menu-look! -- Use MENU-LOOK as the menu-look for MENU.
set-menu-popup-delay! -- Set MENU's submenu popup delay to POPUP-DELAY.
set-menu-shadow-factor! -- Use FACTOR to generate shadow colors for menus.
set-menu-side-picture! -- Use PICTURE as the side picture for MENU.
set-menu-title! -- Use MENU-TITLE as the title for MENU.
set-menuitem-colors! -- Sets the fg and bg colors of MENUITEM to FG and BG respectively.
set-menuitem-font! -- Sets the font of MENUITEM to FONT.
set-mini-icon! -- Set the image to use for the mini-icon of WIN to IMAGE.
set-mod-mask-numlock! -- Set the bit-mask for the NumLock modifier key.
set-mod-mask-scrolllock! -- Set the bit-mask for the ScrollLock modifier key.
set-mouse-focus-click-raises! -- Determine whether a mouse-focus-click will raise the window.
set-mwm-border! -- Set the mwm-border style flag of WIN to boolean FLAG.
set-mwm-buttons! -- Set the mwm-buttons flag of WIN to boolean FLAG.
set-mwm-decor-hint! -- Set whether or not Motif decoration hints are used for WIN.
set-mwm-func-hint! -- Set whether or not Motif function hints are used for WIN.
set-nonant-highlight-color! -- Use COLOR for highlighting nonants.
set-not-menu-background! -- Use BG as the default background color for icons, window frames, etc.
set-not-menu-foreground! -- Use FG as the default foreground color for icons, titlebars, etc.
set-OL-decor-hint! -- Determine whether or not to respect Open Look decoration hints.
set-PPosition-hint! -- Set or reset the program-specified position hint for WIN.
set-quote-key-events! -- Set key event quoting to QUOTING-ON?.
set-register -- Set contents of Scwm register named REGISTER to VALUE.
set-reset-on-segv! -- Reset Scwm to the main event loop on the next NUMBER-TO-RESET segv signals.
set-right-button-face! -- Set the button face for the right-button numbered BUTTON.
set-rubber-band-mask! -- Set the rubber band mask used when dragging or resizing.
set-selected-windows-list! -- Make LIST be the set of selected windows.
set-shadow-factor! -- Use FACTOR to generate shadow colors in the current decor.
set-show-icon! -- Set whether or not the icon of WIN will be visible.
set-skip-mapping! -- Set or reset whether scwm should not change desktops on a map.
set-start-on-desk! -- Make WIN start on DESK when first mapped.
set-title-face! -- Set the titlebar faces for the various window states.
set-title-font! -- Set the font for window titles In the current decor to FONT.
set-title-height! -- Set the height of the titlebar in pixels to HEIGHT.
set-title-justify! -- Set the justification for the title to JUST.
set-viewport-position! -- Position the upper left corner of the viewport at coordinates X, Y.
set-window-application-menu! -- Set the application menu for WIN to MENU.
set-window-background! -- Set the background color of WIN to BG.
set-window-button! -- Set the visibility of button number N on window WIN.
set-window-colors! -- Set WIN's background color to BG, foreground color to FG.
set-window-context! -- Set the current window context to WIN and return the old context.
set-window-cursor! -- Set the default cursor for WIN to CURSOR.
set-window-decor! -- Set WIN's decor to DECOR, updating its decorations appropriately.
set-window-focus! -- Set the focus style of WIN to SYM.
set-window-foreground! -- Set the foreground color of WIN to FG.
set-window-gravity! -- Sets the gravity for WIN to GRAVITY.
set-window-highlight-background! -- Set the highlighted background color of WIN to BG.
set-window-highlight-foreground! -- Set the highlighted foreground color of WIN to FG.
set-window-highlighted-nonant! -- Highlight NONANT for WIN.
set-window-id-background! -- Set the background color of X11 window with id WINID to BG.
set-window-placement-proc! -- Set the 'placement-proc property of WIN to PROC.
set-window-property! -- Set window property PROP of WIN to VAL.
set-window-title! -- Change the window title X-Property of WIN to TITLE.
set-window-transient-placement-proc! -- Like set-window-placement-proc!, but for transient windows.
set-X-server-synchronize! -- Set X server sychronization flag to FLAG.
shade-window -- Cause WIN to become "window-shaded".
shaded-window? -- Return #t if WIN is shaded.
shadow-factor -- Return the current shadow factor.
should-circulate-skip? -- Return #t if WIN should now be skipped when circulating, #f otherwise.
shove-window-prefix -- Display prompt to shove the current window to an edge or center.
show-com -- Return a lambda to show the stdout generated by the COM shell pipeline.
show-file -- Return a lambda to display the contents of filename in a window.
show-icon-list-menu -- Show a window list of only iconfied programs.
show-mesg -- Return a lambda to display the string arguments STR in a message window.
show-netscape-window-list-menu -- Show a window list of only Netscape windows.
show-pager -- No documentation supplied.
show-selected-nonants -- Show nonant markers on window when they are selected.
show-side-decorations -- Display the sidebar decorations for WIN.
show-system-info -- Display the system-info-string system details in a window.
show-titlebar -- Cause WIN to be decorated with a titlebar.
show-titlebar-in-place -- Turn on display of the titlebar for WIN without moving the client window.
show-window-list-matching-interactively -- Prompt for a wildcard, and popup a list of matching windows (by title).
show-window-list-menu -- Popup a window list menu.
show-X-properties -- Displays the X properties of WIN in a message window.
show-xterm-window-list-menu -- Show a window list of only xterms.
shrink-inactive-windows -- No documentation supplied.
shrink-window -- Shrink the window WIN to FRAC * its old size.
shutdown-options -- Configure shutdown preferences.
simple-prompt-proc-hbox -- Create and return a procedure-prompting hbox and entry.
simple-title-style -- Set the style for titlebars.
simplebiff -- Run a simple xbiff-like notification system.
size->string -- Convert a two-element list to a string.
sleep-ms -- Delay for MS milliseconds.
SM-error-message -- Return a string, describing why session management is not available.
SM-register -- Register Scwm with the session manager, and return the client id.
smart-place-window -- Places WIN using fvwm2's SmartPlacement algorithm.
snap-initialize -- Turn on auto-snapping during interactive moves.
snap-reset -- Turn off auto-snapping during interactive moves.
sort -- Returned LS sorted according to COMPARE (defaults to ascending numerical order).
sort-options-by-type -- No documentation supplied.
sort-windows-by-middle-pos -- Sort WINLIST (a list of windows) by their middle positioins.
sorted-by-car-string -- Sort the elements of list L based on the string value of their car.
sound-load -- Load sound from FILE, tagging it with NAME.
sound-play -- Play SOUND.
sound-unload -- Unload SOUND, freeing any resources it occupies.
split-list-by-group -- Split the a-list LS into groups according to the car of each of its cells.
standard-place-window -- Do an ordinary placement of a window.
start-animating-scwm-resolves -- Turn on animating windows to new positions following re-solves.
start-constraint-investigator -- Start the GTk+-based constraint investigator window.
start-constraints -- Start using the constraint solver.
start-handling-gtk-events -- No documentation supplied.
start-highlighting-current-window -- Add appropriate hook procedures to make the window with the mouse be highlighted.
start-highlighting-selected-window -- Highlight the current window during window selections.
start-program-in-xterm -- Return a string to be the arguments to xterm for starting PROGRAM in it.
start-property-respond -- Turn on property-change responses.
start-ui-constraints-buttons -- No documentation supplied.
start-xlogo -- Start an XLogo window.
start-xterm -- Start an xterm using `*xterm-command*' and `*xterm-user-shell-options*'.
stick-icon -- Cause WIN's icon to become "sticky".
stick-window -- Make WIN "sticky" so that it stays stationary in the viewport.
sticky-window? -- Return #t if WIN is "sticky", #f otherwise.
stop-animating-scwm-resolves -- Turn off animating windows to new positions following re-solves.
stop-flashing-window -- Turn off window flashing of WIN.
stop-property-respond -- Turn off property-change responses.
stop-simplebiff -- Call this with the object returned from simplebiff to turn off the notifier
strict-relpos-placement -- Wrap placement procedure PROC with adding a contraint that the windows stay relatively where they are.
string->proplist -- Return a proplist object containing STRING.
string->scwm-module -- Return the module corresponding to the given string.
string->X-atom -- Returns an X atom representing STRING.
string-ci-has-prefix -- Return #t iff STRING starts with PREFIX ignoring case.
string-contains-slash? -- No documentation supplied.
string-has-prefix -- Return #t iff STRING starts with PREFIX.
string-join -- Concatenates the list STRINGS into a single string.
string-list->string -- Convert L, a list of strings or characters, to a string.
string-with-colons->path-list -- Convert S, a colon-separated directory pathlist, into a list of directory strings.
style-one-window -- No documentation supplied.
style-option:cumulative? -- No documentation supplied.
style-option:handler -- No documentation supplied.
style-option:type -- No documentation supplied.
support-image-conversion -- Set things up to try to load arbitrary images.
switch-to-first-desk -- Switch to the first desktop.
switch-to-second-desk -- Switch to the second desktop.
system-info-string -- Return a string with various system information.
take-screenshot -- Take a snapshot of the whole screen.
theme-names -- No documentation supplied.
theme:background-style -- No documentation supplied.
theme:name -- No documentation supplied.
theme:window-style -- No documentation supplied.
there-exists? -- Return true if PRED is true for at least one elements of L, otherwise false.
tile -- Tile the windows on the specified desk.
tile-windows -- Tile WINDOWS according to several parameters.
tile-windows-interactively -- Tile a set of selected windows either vertically or horizontally.
time-t->seconds-ago -- Return the number of seconds that have passed since TIMET was the current time.
title-font -- Return the font used for drawing window titles in the current decor.
title-height -- Return the height of the titlebar in pixels, as set by set-title-height!.
title-justify -- Return the current justification for the title, as set by set-title-justify!.
title-match?? -- Return a predicate that tests a window's title.
title-style -- Set the title style in the current decor.
titlebar-shown? -- Return #t if WIN is decorated with a titlebar, #f otherwise.
to-string -- Dump all arguments into a string.
toggle-docs-for -- No documentation supplied.
toggle-easyraise-windows -- 
toggle-focus -- Focus window that had the focus before the current one.
toggle-maximize -- Maximize to width NW, height NH if not maximized, or unmaximize.
toggle-maximize-both -- Toggle the WIN's maximization (both vertically and horizontally).
toggle-maximize-horizontal -- Toggle the WIN's maximized-horizontally state.
toggle-maximize-vertical -- Toggle the current window's maximized-vertically state.
toggle-maximize-vertical-part -- Toggle the WIN's maximization-vertically to 95% of the screen height.
transient? -- Return #t if WIN is transient, #f if not.
try-everything-loader -- Tries to load an arbitrary image, using any available loader.
turn-off-only-focus-window-has-titlebar -- Do not display titlebars on only the focuessed window.
turn-on-only-focus-window-has-titlebar -- Start displaying a titlebar only on the focussed window.
two-window-or-more-nonant-prompter -- No documentation supplied.
two-window-or-more-prompter -- No documentation supplied.
two-window-prompter -- No documentation supplied.
ui-constraint-add-enable-hook -- Adds a HOOK proc which will be called when UI-CONSTRAINT enable state changes.
ui-constraint-button -- Returns the a reference to panel representing the UI-CONSTRAINT in the toggle menu.
ui-constraint-class -- Returns the UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS from the ui-constraint object UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint-class-creator -- Return a list that contains a code snippet can create CLASS.
ui-constraint-class-ctr -- Returns the constructor for instance of the constraint class.
ui-constraint-class-description -- Returns the description for the constraint class.
ui-constraint-class-draw-proc -- returns the drawing procedure for instances of the constraint class.
ui-constraint-class-menuname-proc -- Return the proc for determining the name for the constraint in
ui-constraint-class-name -- Returns the name of the constraint class.
ui-constraint-class-num-windows -- Returns the number of windows constrainable by instances of the constraint
ui-constraint-class-pixmap-name -- Return the pixmap-name of UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS.
ui-constraint-class-pixmap2-name -- Return the pixmap2-name of UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS.
ui-constraint-class-satisfied-proc -- Returns the satisfaction checking procedure for instances of the
ui-constraint-class-ui-ctr -- Returns the UI constructor for instances of the constraint class.
ui-constraint-class? -- Returns a boolean: true if UI-CONSTRAINT-CLASS is a vector and starts with the
ui-constraint-cn -- Returns the CN list from the ui-constraint object UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint-enable-hooks -- Returns a list of the enable-hook functions added to the UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint-enabled? -- Returns the ENABLE from the ui-constraint object UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint-opts -- Returns the list of optional data that may be added by the constraint class.
ui-constraint-remove-enable-hook -- Removes a HOOK proc from the list in UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint-set-button! -- Sets the reference to the gtk button for this instance in the toggle menu.
ui-constraint-windows -- Returns the LIST-OF-WINDOWS from the ui-constraint object UI-CONSTRAINT.
ui-constraint? -- Returns #t if UI-CONSTRAINT is a ui-constraint.
ui-constraints-composition-begin -- Begin recording the constraints used for the creation of a composition.
ui-constraints-composition-end -- End the recording of a constraint composition.
ui-constraints-involving-two-windows -- Returns the list of ui-constraint objects that involve WIN1 and WIN2.
ui-constraints-involving-window -- Returns the list of ui-constraint objects that involve WIN.
ui-constraints-toggle-menu -- Return a menu of constraints that permits toggling their enabled? state.
un-keep-on-top -- Remove the on-top property from WIN, if it has it.
unbind-four-modifier-key-events -- Unbind events attached to a multi-modifier key event.
unbind-key -- Remove any bindings attached to KEY in given CONTEXTS.
unbind-keycode -- Unbind the given KEYCODE within the CONTEXTS.
unbind-mouse -- Remove any bindings attached to mouse BUTTON in given CONTEXTS.
unbind-three-modifier-key-events -- Unbind events attached to a multi-modifier key event.
unbind-two-modifier-key-events -- Unbind events attached to a multi-modifier key event.
undo -- Undo the last operation that was undoable.
undo-all-passive-grabs -- Remove all passive grabs of keys and buttons of bindings.
undo-passive-grab -- Remove the passive grabs of KEYCODE-OR-BUTNUM with MODMASK on all windows.
undo-state-at-index -- Return the state from undo-list at INDEX, or #f if bad index.
undo-use -- Apply the state from the undo-list contained at INDEX.
undraw-all-constraints -- Undraw all constraints in the global instance list.
undraw-constraint -- Undraw the UI-CONSTRAINT.
undraw-constraints-of-window -- Undraw all constraints associated with WIN.
unflash-window -- Revert WIN's titlebar and boundary color to state before a flash-window.
unfocus -- Remove the input focus from any window that may have it.
uninstall-hover-focus -- Remove the hover-focus procedures from the Scwm hooks.
uninstall-visibility-reporter -- Uninstall procedures that print debugging messages on window visibility change events.
unmaximize -- Unmaximize WIN so it returns to its size/position before maximization.
unregister-image-loader -- Unregister the loader, if any, for images ending in EXTENSION.
unselect-all-windows -- Unselect all windows selected via select-window-add.
unselect-matching-windows -- Unselect windows for which predicate PROC returns #t.
unset-message-window-position! -- Move the message window back to the default screen-center position.
unshade-window -- Reverse the effect of shade-window on WIN.
unstick-icon -- Cause WIN's icon to no longer be "sticky".
unstick-window -- Cause a window to no longer be "sticky", if it is.
uri-escapify-comma -- Replace commas in URI with the %2C escape code.
use-change-desk-commands -- Execute one of the VECTOR-OF-COMMANDS shell commands when the desk changes.
use-gtk-error-window-for-scwm -- No documentation supplied.
use-placement-hint -- Do nothing when placing WIN, just let it be where hinted to be.
use-theme -- Use settings from THEME to set up the window manager.
user-home -- Return the current user's home directory.
user-name -- Return the current user's name.
viewport->virtual -- Return the virtual coordinates for viewport X,Y.
viewport-center-x -- Return the x coordinate of the center of the current viewport.
viewport-center-y -- Return the y coordinate of the center of the current viewport.
viewport-position -- Returns the current position of the viewport in pixels.
viewport-x-position -- Return the x coordinate of the current viewport.
viewport-y-position -- Return the y coordinate of the current viewport.
virtual->viewport -- Return the viewport coordinates for virtual X,Y.
virtual-size -- Return the size of the virtual screen in pixels.
virtual-switch-placement -- Wrap placement procedure PROC with virtual switching code.
visible? -- Return #t if any of WIN is currently potentially visible, else #f.
vpx->vx -- Convert from a viewport to a virtual X coordinate.
vpy->vy -- Convert from a viewport to a virtual Y coordinate.
vv-close -- Close connect to the ViaVoice speech recognizer.
vv-connect -- Connect to the ViaVoice speech recognizer, calling PROC after connected.
vv-connected? -- Return #t if we are connected to the ViaVoice speech recognizer.
vv-define-grammar -- Use GRAMMAR-FILE as the ViaVoice grammar and give it name NAME.
vv-disconnect -- Disconnect from the ViaVoice speech recognizer, calling PROC after disconnected.
vv-enable-vocab -- Enable vocabulary/grammar NAME.
vv-initialize -- Use this to start ViaVoice recognition.
vv-initialize-environment -- No documentation supplied.
vv-recognition-actions -- No documentation supplied.
vv-recognition-debug -- No documentation supplied.
vv-setup-recognition-hook -- No documentation supplied.
vv-smrc->error -- No documentation supplied.
vv-terminate -- Use this to terminate ViaVoice recognition.
vv-turn-microphone-off -- Turn the microphone off to stop recognizing commands.
vv-turn-microphone-on -- Turn the microphone on to start recognizing commands.
vv-use-grammar -- No documentation supplied.
vx- -- Return the virtual coordinate X pixels left of the right virtual edge.
vx->vpx -- Convert from a virtual to a viewport X coordinate.
vy- -- Return the virtual coordinate Y pixels up from the bottom virtual edge.
vy->vpy -- Convert from a virtual to a viewport Y coordinate.
w%x -- Return a pixel width X percent of the width of window W.
w%y -- Return a pixel height Y percent of the height of window W.
warp-placement -- Return a list, (%x %y), for the desired pointer placement for WIN.
warp-to-window -- Move the mouse pointer to the upper left corner of WIN.
warp-to-window-viewport -- Change to the desk and viewport of WIN.
where-is -- Show bindings that invoke PROC.
wiggle-window -- Animatedly window shade and then unshade WIN.
wildcard->regexp -- Return the regular expresision string corresponding to WILDCARD.
wildcard-match? -- Returns #t if WILDCARD matches WIN (in the sense of wildcard-matcher).
wildcard-matcher -- Return a procedure that matches WILDCARD against a window.
window->image -- Return an image with the contents of window WIN.
window-aligned-viewport -- Return the viewport that contains the center of WIN.
window-and-offsets->nonant -- Return a nonant number in [0,8] from a window position and an offset.
window-application-menu -- Return the application menu for WIN, or #f if there is none.
window-background-color -- No documentation supplied.
window-center-bottom -- Return a pair (X .
window-center-middle -- Return pair (viewport-x .
window-center-position -- Return the virtual coordinates of the center of WIN as a list of the X and Y coordinate.
window-center-top -- Return a pair (X .
window-class -- Return the window resources class of WIN.
window-class-hint -- DEPRECATED.
window-client-machine-name -- Return the name of the client machine on which WIN is running.
window-configuration -- Return a list containing the state of WIN.
window-configuration->xform-to-it -- Create a transformation element for going from the current state to CFG.
window-configuration-to-register -- Save the configuration of WIN to REGISTER.
window-configuration? -- Return #t if WCFG is a window configuration.
window-context -- Returns the current window context, or #f if there is none.
window-corners -- Return the four coordinates of the corners of the location of WIN.
window-creation-time -- Return the time that WIN was created in seconds since 1/1/70.
window-decor -- Return WIN's decor.
window-decoration-ids -- Returns a list of long integer window ids of the decoration windows for WIN.
window-decoration-size -- Return (decor-width decor-height) for WIN.
window-deletable? -- Return #t if WIN is able to be deleted, #f otherwise.
window-desk -- Return the desk that WIN is currently on.
window-flashing? -- Return #t iff WIN is currently flashing, #f otherwise.
window-focus-style -- Get the focus style of WIN.
window-foreground-color -- No documentation supplied.
window-frame-area -- Return the area of WIN's frame in square pixels.
window-frame-border-width -- Return the width of WIN's frame's border.
window-frame-id -- Return the X window id for the outermost frame window of WIN.
window-frame-size -- Return the size of the frame of WIN.
window-fully-constructed? -- Returns #t if WIN is a fully-constructed window, otherwise #f.
window-geometry-string -- Return a string corresponding to the geometry specifications for WIN.
window-gravity -- Return the gravity for WIN as a symbol.
window-highlighted-nonant -- Returnt the highlighted nonant for WIN, or #f if none highlighted.
window-icon -- Get the icon image being used for WIN.
window-icon-shaped? -- Return #t if WIN has shaped icon, #f otherwise.
window-icon-title -- Return the icon window title of WIN.
window-id -- Return the X window id for WIN.
window-info -- Display information about WIN in a message window.
window-is-selected? -- Return #t if W is in the selected window list, else #f.
window-last-focus-time -- Return the time that WIN was last focussed in seconds since 1/1/70.
window-last-focus-time-string -- Return a string corresponding to the last focus time for WIN.
window-last-focus-x-time -- Return the X11 time that WIN was last focussed.
window-left-bottom -- Return a pair (X .
window-left-middle -- Return a pair (X .
window-left-top -- Return a pair (X .
window-map-pending? -- Returns #t if the mapping of WIN is pending, otherwise returns #f.
window-mapped? -- Returns #t if WIN is mapped, otherwise returns #f.
window-mini-icon -- Get the mini-icon image being used for WIN.
window-other-id -- Returns the other id string given to the process that created WIN.
window-overlaps-window? -- Return a function that takes WIN2 and returns #t if it overlaps WIN.
window-pid -- Returns the process id of the process that created WIN.
window-position -- Return the position of WIN in pixels.
window-position-in-viewport -- Return a virtual position for WIN that is in viewport (XX,YY).
window-property -- Retrieve window property PROP of WIN.
window-resource -- Return the window resource instance of WIN.
window-resource-hint -- DEPRECATED.
window-right-bottom -- Return a pair (X .
window-right-middle -- Return a pair (X .
window-right-top -- Return a pair (X .
window-shaped? -- Return #t if WIN is a shaped window, #f otherwise.
window-size -- Return the size of the application window of WIN.
window-size-hints -- Return a list of the window size hints associated with WIN.
window-state->string -- Returns a string representation of the numerical WIN-STATE.
window-style -- Specify various properties for windows matching CONDITION.
window-task-switcher-menu -- Popup a task-switcher window list.
window-task-switcher-menu-backwards -- Popup a task-switcher window list.
window-title -- Return the window title of WIN, as requested by the application.
window-title-height -- Return WIN's titlebar's height.
window-title-size -- Return a list with the width and height of WIN's titlebar.
window-title-width -- Return WIN's titlebar's width.
window-transient-for -- Return the window for which WIN is transient.
window-unstyle -- Remove STYLE definition from list of window styles.
window-valid? -- Returns #t if OBJ is window object and is still valid, otherwise returns #f.
window-viewport-position -- Return the position of WIN in pixels within the viewport.
window-viewport-position-of -- Return a list (X Y) that is the viewport position of the SYM part of WIN.
window-virtual-position -- Return the virtual position of WIN in pixels.
window-visibility -- Return the visibility state for WIN.
window-visible-frame-size -- Return the visible frame size of WIN.
window-with-focus -- Return the window that currently has the input focus.
window-with-pointer -- Return the window that currently contains the mouse pointer.
window? -- Returns #t if OBJ is a window object, otherwise returns #f.
windows-overlap? -- Return #t if WIN and WIN2 overlap at all, else #f.
winlist-hit -- Permit WIN to be displayed in the window list by default.
winlist-skip -- Do not show WIN in the window list by default.
winlist-skip? -- Return #t if WIN is skipped in the window list, #f otherwise.
with-frozen-root-window -- Execute THUNK with a frozen root window.
write-all -- Write all arguments into the port.
x- -- Return the viewport pixel coordinate X pixels left of the right display edge.
X-atom->string -- Returns the string represented by ATOM.
X-atomic-property-set-if-unset! -- Set property NAME on WINDOW to VALUE, if it's currently unset.
x-connection-number -- Return the X connection file descriptor number.
X-convert-selection -- Ask the owner of selection SELECTION to provide its value.
X-cut-buffer->palm-clipboard -- No documentation supplied.
X-cut-buffer-string -- Return the text of the primary cut buffer.
X-display-information -- Return some information about the screen.
X-fetch-bytes -- Returns a string representing the value of the cut buffer.
X-get-selection-owner -- Return the window that owns the selection denoted by ATOM.
X-grab-server -- Grab the X server.
X-handle-selection-string -- Run VALUE-HANDLER on the selection SELECTION after retrieving it.
X-pointer-mapping -- Return the mapping of physical->logical pointer buttons as a list.
X-properties -- Returns a list of WIN's X property names.
X-properties->string -- Prints the X properties of WIN into a string.
X-property-delete! -- Delete X property NAME of window WIN.
X-property-get -- Get X property NAME of window WIN.
X-property-set! -- Set X property NAME on window WIN to VALUE.
X-resource-database-save -- Save the Scwm resource database to FILENAME.
X-resource-get -- Get X resource specified by NAME and XCLASS from Xrm database.
X-resource-put -- Stores string VALUE as X resource RESOURCE (also a string).
X-rotate-cut-buffers -- Rotate the X cut buffers by N positions.
X-server-grabs -- Return the number of nested server grabs.
X-server-synchronize -- Handle all pending events.
X-set-cut-buffer-string! -- Set the text of the primary cut buffer.
X-store-bytes -- Set the cut buffer to STRING by calling XStoreBytes.
X-synthetic-send-string -- Send string STR to WIN via synthetic X events.
X-ungrab-server -- Ungrab the X server.
X-version-information -- Return some information about the version of the running X server.
xlib-draw-arc! -- Draws a arc to the screen using the Xlib call XDrawArc.
xlib-draw-line! -- Draws a line using the Xlib call XDrawLine.
xlib-draw-rectangle! -- Draws a rectangle to the screen using the Xlib call XDrawRectangle.
xlib-set-drawing-mask! -- Set the drawing mask used by the xlib-* primitives.
xlib-set-fill-style! -- Sets the fill style of the DrawingGC to STYLE.
xlib-set-line-attributes! -- Sets the line width of the DrawingGC to WIDTH and style to STYLE.
xlock-query-modes -- Returns a list of mode names queried from the given XLOCK program.
xterm-other-host -- Run an xterm on machine HOSTNAME.
xtest-fake-button-event -- Fake an X event of button number BUTTON after a delay of MS-DELAY.
xtest-fake-key-event -- Fake an X event of key KEYCODE after a delay of MS-DELAY.
xtest-fake-modmask -- No documentation supplied.
xtest-fake-modmask-button -- No documentation supplied.
xtest-fake-modmask-key -- No documentation supplied.
xtest-fake-motion-event -- Fake an X motion event to X,Y after a delay of MS-DELAY on SCREEN.
xtest-fake-relative-motion-event -- Fake an X motion relative event of a move DX, DY after a delay of MS-DELAY.
xtest-supported? -- Returns #t iff the XTest extension is supported on this server.
y- -- Return the viewport pixel coordinate Y pixels up from the bottom display edge.