Face Specification Flags

Face specification flags are two-element lists that specify certain properties that may be chained to indicate how a face is drawn. Face specs may be fully or partially destructive. A fully destructive spec indicates how the whole area of the element is to be drawn, making previous specs irrelevant. A partially destructive spec overlays part, but not all, of the drawing area. All specs may be used for button faces. All but non-tiled pixmaps may be used for titlebars, and only tiled pixmaps may be used for borders.

Table 1-2. Face Specification Flags


     '(relief-pattern ((X Y BOOL) ...))

Draw a relief pattern using the list of triples, each of which indicates a pair of X,Y coordinates given as a percentage of the button size, and a boolean value indicating whether to use the lighter or darker color. This spec is partially destructive.

     '(solid COLOR)

Use COLOR as the color for this element; fully destructive.

     '(gradient ({horizontal|vertical} NCOLORS {COLOR_PERCENT}* FINAL))

Draw a gradient in this element. The gradient may be horizontal or vertical. The number of colors is specified, followed by a number of colors with percentages and a final color. The percentages must add to 100.

      '(pixmap {mini-icon|IMAGE|(tiled IMAGE)})

Specify a pixmap to use, either the window's mini-icon, an image object or image specifier string, or a list of tiled and an image, indicating the image should be tiled. Partially destructive, except when tiled, which makes it fully destructive.