set-button-face! -- Set the button faces for the various window states.


(set-button-face! button active-up #&optional active-down inactive)


Set the button faces for the various window states. See set-left-button-face! and set-right-button-face! for a more natural interface for this. In the current decor, use active-up as the face for the button specified by the integer button when active and not pressed in. Use active-down when button is active and pressed in, and inactive when the window is inactive. Both inactive and active-down default to active-up when not specified. Note that active-down will magically reverse the sense of the relief flag, so if the button is raised in the active-up state, it will be sunk in the active-down state by default.

Implementation Notes

Module: Built-in Primitive

Defined in src/face.c at line 884 (CVS log)