clever-place-window -- Places WIN using fvwm2's "ReallySmart" algorithm.


(clever-place-window win #&optional no-move x-sugg y-sugg)


Places win using fvwm2's "ReallySmart" algorithm. The placement is just as if being placed by fvwm2's SmartPlacement, as if SmartPlacementIsReallySmart were in effect. That is, it tries to place the window so as to minimize its area of overlap with other windows. Several parameters give different weight to various kinds of windows, but they are not tunable at runtime currently. If it fails to place the window, it returns #f; otherwise it returns #t. If no-move is #t, then the position is returned instead of actually moving the window to that position. This can be useful for finding a new location for an existing window. x-sugg and y-sugg are suggested coordinates that clever-place-window may try to use as a preferred location for win.

Implementation Notes

Module: Built-in Primitive

Defined in src/placement.c at line 490 (CVS log)