next-window -- Switch to the next matching window.


(next-window #&key (window (get-window #f #f))
			     (only '()) (except '()) (proc window-list-proc))


Switch to the next matching window. If WINDOW is given, switch to that window. ONLY and EXCEPT control which windows match --- see list-windows for details. PROC is a procedure of one argument which does the work after the window list is re-ordered. PROC defaults to window-list-proc. By specifiying, e.g., "#:proc focus-change-warp-pointer" the new window will be raised, focussed, and the pointer will be warped to the window. See also prev-window.

Implementation Notes

Module: (app scwm winlist)

Defined in scheme/winlist.scm at line 172 (CVS log)