make-ui-constraint-class -- Creates a new ui-constraint-class object.


(make-ui-constraint-class name description num-windows ctr ui-ctr draw-proc satisfied-proc pixmap-name pixmap2-name menuname-proc)


Creates a new ui-constraint-class object. CTR takes a set of arguments and installs the appropriate constraints in the solver. A number of windows should be included in those arguments, falling somewhere in the range of NUM-WINDOWS. NUM-WINDOWS is a list of '(min-win max-win) where the values specify the minimum and maximum number of windows which may be constrained. Max-win may optionally be specified as a non-number (preferably as #t), in which case the constraint is taken to be able to constraint an infinite number of windows. SATISFIED-PROC is a procedure that takes a single argument, the cn, and tells if it is satisfied UI-CTR should return the arguments (as a list) for CTR to build the constraint with. UI-CTR should return #f if the user cancels the construction or fails to follow the interface correctly. PIXMAP-NAME is the name of the pixmap to associate with this constraint-class in the user interface. MENUNAME-PROC is a proc that takes a UI-CONSTRAINT as an arg and returns the name that should be used for the constraint in the toggle menu. This routine returns a new constraint class object based on the parameters. SIDE-EFFECT: addes new class obj to the global class list.

Implementation Notes

Module: (app scwm ui-constraints)

Defined in scheme/ui-constraints.scm at line 81 (CVS log)