X-property-set! -- Set X property NAME on window WIN to VALUE.


(X-property-set! win name value #&optional type format action)


Set X property name on window win to value. win is the window to set the X property on, an X window id, or 'root-window. name and type are strings or X/11 atoms (longs). type defaults to "STRING". format may be one of the integers 8, 16, and 32, defining the element size of the value. It is 8 by default. If format is 8, value may be a string or a list of null-terminated strings. Otherwise it will be a vector of format-bit integers. action may be one of the symbols 'replace, 'prepend, or 'append signifying how the new value should be merged (if at all) with the existing value.

Implementation Notes

Module: Built-in Primitive

Defined in src/xproperty.c at line 112 (CVS log)